WGU Career & Professional Development: Partnering in Your Talent Acquisition Needs

As an Employer Engagement & Relations team, we pride ourselves in taking a consultative and partnership approach when working with employer organizations. When it comes to talent acquisition, we understand that no two organizations are the same and that each have different needs. We value your partnership and see you as an invaluable resource to WGU. Here are some of the services we offer employers to engage with our students and alumni.

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Services Offered by WGU Career & Professional Development
RECRUITMENT PLANNING: Meet with our team to go over your recruiting needs and receive personalized support to find candidates your team needs. We will work with you to develop a tailored approach that connects you with your target groups.

considering creating an internship program to build a talent pipeline? Our team has years of experience partnering with employers to create and implement internship and co-op programs.

EVENT SUPPORT: If your company is interested in hosting events on WebEx or Teams, we can help support that process! Our team can handle logistical efforts like scheduling and creating the event, marketing, and facilitation on the platform throughout the session. We will provide your team with a list of registrants and attendees after the session is over so you can reach out to people directly.

or job has been posted in Handshake, our team is here to help you market it to the right students and alumni from among our students and graduates! We can help support your recruitment through email and social media marketing, as well as promoting the opportunity on Handshake.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING: Our Career and Professional Development staff are available to host trainings for your team on topics including equitable hiring, emotional intelligence at work, how to be a great manager, leading remote teams, and more!

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION TOOLKIT: Learn about the barriers facing marginalized student populations in their pursuit of employment and steps you can take to mitigate those barriers in your hiring, onboarding, retention, and organizational culture.

Get Connected with WGU Students and Alumni.

Our goal is to help partner employers meet their workforce needs with opportunities to promote their brand as an employer of choice among WGU’s students and alumni. We invite you to choose from the exclusive options below that best meet your organization’s unique needs.

WGU HANDSHAKE: Post jobs, internships, and events for free. You can also create interview schedules, receive résumés, and identify WGU students and alumni to apply for your positions.

CAREER CONNECTION EVENTS: Help build your brand with students by participating in some of our less formal career connection events. Here, you’ll identify qualified candidates and share more about your company by participating in virtual events like Industry Insight Panels, Ask Me Anythings (AMAs), online office tours, social media takeovers, and more. We also help employers connect with various groups at WGU to participate in club events and/or professional development webinars.

VIRTUAL INTERVIEWING: Identify and interview qualified candidates virtually using Handshake’s interviewing module. We can help with logistics and scheduling virtual interviews through the platform.

VIRTUAL HIRING EVENTS: WGU offers a variety of events to help you recruit students and alumni for your open roles. You can participate in an all-industry career expo, region- or industry-specific networking event, and/or we can schedule a unique hiring event specific to your organization.

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