Sunrise Children’s Hospital Accepts Special Delivery of Preemie Buddies to Neonatal ICU to Promote Baby Bonding

By January 11, 2019 Press Release

Sunrise Children’s Hospital gratefully accepted a soft and cuddly supply of Preemie Buddies today from the compassionate sponsors at the Desert Sage Auxiliary of the Assistance League. Purchased from the Shadow Buddies Foundation, the Preemie Buddy serves as a special form of communication between baby and parents, provides companionship and comfort and is a useful tool for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) staff.

Made of soft sheepskin material, dressed in a pink or blue layette, the Preemie Buddy is designed to promote “bonding” with the baby and parents soon after the baby’s birth. The Preemie Buddy itself is placed in the isolette with the baby while the layette (gown) on the Preemie Buddy goes home for the parents to hold next to their skin. In a day or two when the human scent is absorbed, the Preemie Buddy, re-dressed in gown, works to bring baby and parent closer together through the sense of smell. Weighing about 1.4 oz., the buddies are 7” high and meet FDA requirements.