Donation of $100,000 Will Support Northern Nevada HOPES’ Hope Spring Project to Help Stabilize Homeless Population

SilverSummit Healthplan announced today that it is donating $100,000 to support Northern Nevada HOPES’ Hope Springs project which, when complete, will work to provide homeless individuals in the Northern Nevada area with dedicated bridge housing and services such as medical and behavioral healthcare, housing placement, and case management.

“We are pleased to support Northern Nevada HOPES’ Hope Springs bridge housing,” said Eric Schmacker, SilverSummit Healthplan President and CEO. “While SilverSummit serves many homeless Nevadans, our commitment to the community reaches beyond our member base. This support will help some of the most at-risk populations in our state regain stability, and make positive long-term changes for their wellness.”

Since 1997, Northern Nevada HOPES has been working to serve Northern Nevada’s vulnerable and underserved communities by making access to comprehensive medical, behavioral, and wellness support services possible under one roof. When completed in 2021, Hope Springs will support 30 individual sleeping units, and a 3,200 square foot shared facility with restrooms, showers, laundry, a kitchen, and community space.

“This donation from SilverSummit Health Plan will make a substantial difference in the lives of Nevada’s homeless population,” said Sharon Chamberlin, Northern Nevada Hopes’ CEO.  “Without dedicated partners, like SilverSummit, Hope Springs could not exist.”

“In Nevada we’ve experienced a doubling in the homelessness population since 2009 and 1 out of 7 Northern Nevadans live below the poverty line,” said Dr. Jeff Murawsky, Chief Medical Director for SilverSummit Healthplan. “Places like Hope Springs give chronically homeless individuals a place to be connected with the care and services that they need to get back on the path to a permanent home.”

About SilverSummit Healthplan 
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