Roseman University – Summerlin Report – Summer 2019

By June 17, 2019 News

Greetings from the Summerlin Campus. In the months of May and June, two significant events are placing Roseman University of Health Sciences in Nevada’s healthcare spotlight.

First, on May 15th President Renee Coffman and I, in my role as Dean of the College of Medicine, were invited to attend a legislative session where state Senators Joe Hardy and Marilyn Dondero-Loop introduced us to the legislative body. Dr. Hardy presented and read a Proclamation signed by five legislators from both parties and both chambers, recommending that the citizens of Nevada “are encouraged to provide philanthropic support for the development of the College of Medicine at Roseman University….” The Proclamation recognized Roseman University for its excellence in healthcare education as a private, non-profit university. In addition, it stated, “Roseman University of Health Sciences is commended and supported in their efforts to serve the great State of Nevada by establishing an accredited medical school that provides excellence in education, comprehensive patient care, and research.” It was encouraging to hear the legislators highlight the need for another college of medicine and applaud Roseman University for pursuing this worthy endeavor for Southern Nevadans and their healthcare needs.

Roseman University has accomplished significant milestones in its 20-year history, and this Proclamation is testament to its on-going focus to continue to be a significant healthcare educational leader in Nevada. Over the years, our university has provided healthcare education for students in the professions of nursing, pharmacy, and dentistry providing an excellent foundation for the concept of creating a medical school. Considering the upcoming 20th anniversary of our university and its accomplishments, the College of Medicine would be a major capstone for the university, fulfilling the final requirement necessary to establish an Academic Health Center. We are grateful for the recognition and efforts of our legislators regarding this very important moment in the history of our university.

Second, Tripp Umbach is currently conducting research regarding the need for a third medical school in southern Nevada. Tripp Umbach’s reputation is well-known in the healthcare education sector of Las Vegas. Recently, they have again engaged in key stakeholder interviews, collected data, reviewed historical surveys, and examined public and government sources for the purpose of presenting a Town Hall on the Summerlin Campus the morning of June 19th (8:30 – 10:00 AM). They will update the university and the community regarding southern Nevada’s healthcare needs. This event will be a time of information and Q & A, highlighting  how Roseman University can fit in the continually evolving healthcare narrative of Southern Nevada – as they bring on another medical school. Community leaders and media members will be present. If you would like to attend on the Summerlin Campus, please respond to Jennifer Haley at or call 702-802-2869.

In this season of celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Roseman University these are two more reasons to be thankful for the opportunity to work with our community, in the service of healthcare.


Mark A. Penn, MD, MBA
Chancellor – Summerlin Campus
Roseman University of Health Sciences