A first impression is the immediate assessment people make when they meet someone new. This can occur in a professional or personal setting, and is often based on reactions to appearance, demeanor, body language, and mannerisms. For many, a healthy and friendly smile plays a significant role in forming a first impression of someone, as the shape, spacing and color of teeth are often associated with health and personality.

With a person’s teeth significant in creating positive first impressions, dentists play a major role in helping people achieve the healthy, vibrant smile they desire.

Dentists are part doctor, part engineer and part artist. This is because the dental profession requires a unique level of mastery and technique that focuses primarily on maintaining oral health, but also on aesthetics. A large part of dentistry involves maintaining and restoring teeth to create beautiful smiles.

Dr. Erin Greene, program director of Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) residency program at Roseman University College of Dental Medicine, says that upon completion of their education, dental school graduates are equipped with the basic knowledge and skills needed to perform professional dentistry. However, as the dental profession has evolved through technological advancement and the introduction of new, innovative materials and techniques, post-graduate AEGD residency training allows dentists to learn more and hone their skills to become truly competent artists of the healthy smile.

“Residents in an AEGD program have an opportunity to expand upon what they learned in dental school by performing more advanced procedures, such as placing implants and performing molar root canals while still under the supervision of expert faculty,” said Greene.

In addition to AEGD, dentists can also pursue a variety of dental specialties through post-graduate residency training. These specialties include, Dental Anesthesiology, Dental Public Health, Endodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontics and Prosthodontics.

In 2016, Roseman University College of Dental Medicine partnered with NYU Langone Dental Medicine Post-doctoral Residency Programs to launch an AEGD residency program at the University’s South Jordan, Utah Campus. The one-year program enrolls four residents per year, with the goal of developing patient-centered clinicians with the ability to provide comprehensive oral healthcare for a wide patient population.

In July, the College of Dental Medicine and NYU Langone Dental Medicine will bring the AEGD program to the Henderson Campus with two residents enrolled in the inaugural class. The program will operate from a new state-of-the-art general dentistry clinic located adjacent to the college’s Orthodontic Clinic at 4 Sunset Way. The College of Dental Medicine began accepting and treating patients at the clinic in January, offering a range of dental services that include dental examinations and x-rays, extractions, tooth sealants, root canals, dental fillings, teeth cleanings, periodontal procedures, dentures, crowns, bridges and implants.

The Orthodontic Clinic was established in 2009 as the first clinical practice of the College of Dental Medicine and offers patient care through the Advanced Education in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics/MBA (AEODO/MBA) residency program. The three-year program enrolls 10 residents per year. The residents are all dental school graduates and licensed Nevada dentists and are paired with expert board certified or board eligible  orthodontic faculty to provide the best care for clinic patients. The clinic offers an array of orthodontic treatments to straighten teeth, including two-phase treatment, traditional metal braces, clear braces, Invisalign, retainers and more.

Whether performing preventative care, dental restorative procedures, eliminating pain, correcting dentofacial issues or straightening a smile, the art of dentistry can transform a patient’s life by allowing them to smile with confidence. To train more dentists in the art and to expand its dental service offerings, the College of Dental Medicine plans to open additional residency programs in the coming years.


Roseman Dental clinics are an affordable option for dental needs for patients of all ages, offering treatment at rates that are typically lower than at a traditional private practice. Dental insurance is accepted, but is not required for treatment. Payment is accepted in cash, credit or debit cards. The clinics accept Medicaid for procedures that are covered under that plan. For questions regarding insurances or to schedule an appointment, visit rosemandental.com or call 702.968.5222 (Henderson, Nevada) or 801.878.1200 (South Jordan, Utah).