Home Purchasing Plan Now Open to HEALS Members

Derek Parent, Las Vegas HEALS Board Member is pleased to announce the Affinity Partner Program through Cross Country Mortgage, a ZERO COST non-traditional benefit to help companies recruit and retain top talent through home-ownership.

FORBES named home-ownership as the ULTIMATE employee perk to boost company culture, build loyalty and strengthen relationship between employee/employer. Program also serves as a recruitment tool elevating company on boarding process by qualifying employees for a loan with a signed job offer letter 60 days prior to start date.

Derek shares, “Las Vegas has a history of being a transient town and we’re having a very difficult time retaining physicians and medical staff in Southern Nevada. My solution? Make them home-owners and get them INVESTED and INVOLVED in our community. Let’s welcome them and make them feel at home from day one.”

Affinity Partner Program Benefits:

  • $2,200 mortgage savings on new purchase or refinance
  • Benefit available in ALL 50 states
  • ZERO COST to employer and employee
  • Benefit extends to all company employees and their family members
  • Easy implementation with marketing resources provided for company
  • Benefit offered to all HEALS members and their family
  • Members can qualify for loan with a job offer or transfer letter 60 days prior to start date

Current list of companies signed on as Affinity Partners include Las Vegas HEALS, SalesForce, T-Mobile, Hertz, University of Washington, International Association of Firefighters, the State of Tennessee and more.

For more information, contact The Parent Team at CrossCountry Mortgage:

Derek Parent, VP of Mortgage Lending and Las Vegas HEALS Board Member

(702) 354-1400 derek.parent@myccmortgage.com

Jane Villafuerte, Business Development Manager

(702) 374-6500 derek.parent@myccmortgage.com