Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Center Offering New Fast and Effective COVID-19 Testing Option Done Without Nasal Swabbing

Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers (NADHC) has partnered with LucidD-Labs to offer the new “Oral Rinse COVID-19 Testing” at NADHC’s Eastern Center Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m to 4 p.m.

The world changed with the pandemic and the most vulnerable population (NADHC’s clients) were affected. Testing options can be confusing and seem painful or scary enough that many seniors may be reluctant to get tested.

NADHC is offering this new testing option to help alleviate anxiety that can come from the uncertainty of being tested to determine if you are COVID-19 positive or negative.

Key points to know about this NEW Oral Rinse Test:

  • NO wooden Q-Tip will be stuck up the nose
  • Simply gargle and spit contents into a tube with this non-invasive test
  • NO out of pocket costs
  • Medicare or Insurance will cover the test costs
  • For those not covered, come and get tested. NADHC will find a way to cover the costs

Some people may refused to test because the wooden Q-Tip up the nose can be an uncomfortable experience, and for those who want an alternative, this test is believed to be more accurate. Results of the test are shared within 24-48 hours via text or email. After receiving test results via text or email, those who wish to tested again may do so with no out-of-pocket costs.

NADHC strongly recommend anyone interested in being tested pre-register since the entire process –  IN & OUT –  should be fewer than 2 minutes. Registering manually will take longer.

Text COVID to 725-527-2577

Bring family and friends to get Tested comfortably. Stay SAFE and HEALTHY!

Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers at Eastern
8695 S. Eastern Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89123
215 Fwy-Eastern Exit
(Office Park beside Star Nursery)