MountainView Hospital Announces Expansion of its Emergency Room and Inpatient Rehabilitation Departments

By August 19, 2019 Developments, Press Release

MountainView Hospital today announced plans to expand its Emergency Room and Inpatient Rehabilitation departments to meet the continued growing demand from the Las Vegas community.

The Emergency Room expansion will include the addition of 12 new “vertical treatment” bays, and eight private exam rooms. Construction of the 15,000-square-foot addition will begin this fall and will be complete by fall 2020. The expansion will bring the total ER treatment spaces at MountainView Hospital to 62 patient spaces.

Additionally, the MountainView Hospital Inpatient Rehabilitation expansion will add 18 beds to the current 36-bed unit. The 15,000-square-foot expansion will be on the fifth floor of the hospital’s 3150 Medical Office Building, directly below the current rehab department on the sixth floor. Construction on the rehab expansion also is expected to begin this fall and is expected to be complete by fall 2020.

The ER expansion will cost approximately $12.7 million, while the rehabilitation expansion will cost approximately $10.6 million.

“Patients continue to seek out MountainView Hospital for their care along the continuum, whether it is for emergency room needs or inpatient rehabilitation for long-term recovery needs,” said Jeremy Bradshaw, MountainView Hospital Chief Executive Officer. “The continued demand for MountainView’s patient care reflects that patients are seeking out the highest quality care available to them.”

The MountainView Hospital Emergency Room has seen several expansions over the past several years, as it has grown to meet the needs of the surrounding community. Most recently, the ER underwent an expansion in 2018 that included adding a dedicated CT for the department and the completion of an expanded helipad to accommodate two helicopters. An expansion in 2013 of the Emergency Room doubled its capacity, allowing the hospital to be further accessible to patients and community.

MountainView Hospital is a rated by The Leapfrog Group an A safety grade (Spring 2019), as well as a Top Teaching Hospital recognition for 2018.