Miracle Donations Fund Vital Monitors for Sick Babies

By July 2, 2019 Member News

Time is of the essence when delivering life-saving medical care to St. Rose Dominican Hospital’s tiniest, most fragile patients. So is community support – and donations to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH) have helped St. Rose secure Philips IntelliVue MX400 units that provide the St. Rose interdisciplinary care team with accurate, real-time physiological data to assess and address a newborn’s needs.

According to neonatologist, Deepa Nagar, the compact, transportable monitors allow the NICU’s interdisciplinary team of physician specialists, nurses and clinicians to monitor the needs of multiple babies. They also enable neonatal specialists to access the monitor’s data remotely if an infant is in transport from the Emergency Department.

Dr. Nagar says the MX400 units are frequently used to monitor babies born to opioid-addicted mothers. These vulnerable infants often experience withdrawal symptoms, including tremors, seizures, problems sleeping, irritability, and weight loss. St. Rose is a committed partner in Nevada’s EMPOWERED (Empower Mothers for Positive Outcomes with Education, Resources and Early Development) program.

One hundred percent of donations made to CMNH in southern Nevada are used to provide medical services and care to support the health of sick and injured children. For more information on giving to CMNH, call 702-616-5755.