2018 Inspired Excellence Awards Honoree

Mark Winkler, MD

Mark Winkler, MD

Partner/Radiologist – Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging (SDMI)
Medical Advisory Board, Cannon Medical Systems

Dr. Mark L. Winkler is a founding partner and diagnostic radiologist at Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging (SDMI). He earned three honors degrees from Brown University, and completed his internship at Stanford University Medical Center and his residency at University of California, San Francisco. He was one of the first MRI-trained fellows in the world. Before he relocated to Las Vegas, Dr. Winkler was the clinical director of the MRI Research Facility at UCSF and a neuroradiologist at San Francisco General Hospital.

Throughout the years, Dr. Winkler has worked tirelessly on improving MRI sequencing with each generation of scanners. He has been sought after by companies such as Toshiba Medical and Cannon to consult on MRI systems and contributed to the design and continuous improvement of both the Cannon Medical Celesteion PET/CT scanners and Toshiba and Cannon CT Scanners. These unique partnerships and Dr. Winkler’s passion for cutting-edge technology have propelled SDMI to being one of the most prestigious out-patient radiology practices and has allowed Las Vegas to consistently have access to top-of-the-line equipment.

2018 Inspired Excellence in Healthcare Awards