Motiv8 Foundation Partners with Local Orthodontist to Provide Care for Las Vegas Children in Car Accident

Las Vegas Raider Marcus Mariota and his charity, Motiv8 Foundation are partnering with local Las Vegas Valley business to give two Las Vegas children a chance at a brighter smile. Truman Orthodontics is donating complete orthodontic care to 11 year-old Joshua and eight year-old Jacob Harmon. Both boys were in a terrible car accident in 2020 and the recovery process included a stay at the Ronald McDonald House in Las Vegas. With the boys on the mend, Dr. Zach Truman decided it was time to get their dental care in order by donating his services to the boys.

“At Truman Orthodontics, we continuously strive to give back to our community. We found that Motiv8 Foundation shares our values in making its community a better place,” says Dr. Truman.

This means a lot to the Harmon family, who has had to heal their children through the pandemic. Joshua is in middle school and currently is an A and B student. Jacob attends elementary school. He is in third grade and enjoys helping others. Now, it’s him that will be receiving help, thanks to Truman Orthodontics and Mariota, who heard of the story and quickly mobilized his Motiv8 Foundation and Dr. Truman to get the children care.

“I hope that in receiving full orthodontic care, the boys will be able to better concentrate on school, staying healthy and enjoying a nice smile,” says Mariota.

The family will be presented with orthodontic care and will get a chance to meet Mariota, Dr. Truman and receive their initial consultation on Monday, Feb. 22 at 1 p.m. at the Truman Orthodontics offices, located in Henderson in a COVID-19 safe environment.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, media and photo opportunities will be available by appointment.

Truman Orthodontics is located in Henderson, NV and offers complete orthodontic care, from youth to adult, including braces and Invisalign. Dr. Zach Truman is a Las Vegas native, graduating from Clark High School before going on to Southern Utah University, Temple University and St. Louis University and returning to Nevada. Truman Orthodontics has been serving the Las Vegas and Henderson communities since 2004. For more information about Truman Orthodontics, visit their website.

The Motiv8 Foundation aims to create and support economic and educational programs and athletic activities to provide an alternative outlet for youth of troubled neighborhoods and backgrounds. The Foundation’s programming centers around the tools for success that will allow more children to fully matriculate through grade-school and eventually attend college. Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Marcus Mariota grew up seeing the positive power of sport first-hand, which fueled his personal mission to use his platform as a professional athlete to create change. Driven by this mission, he established the Motiv8 Foundation during his rookie year (2015) to promote and support a healthy mind and body among youth. For more information, visit the organization’s website.