Las Vegas native Krystal Galindo of Galindo Real Estate, house flipper expert along with her husband, Josh Galindo and busy Mom of four was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Her treatment included 16 rounds of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy and a hysterectomy in 10 years.

Krystal is using her podcast, Going Galindo: Rugrats and Renovations (find ways to listen to the podcasts by clicking here), to help raise awareness for Cold Capping as well as for fundraising efforts for the inaugural GALINDO GIVES Presents “Ping Pong for Ta Tas” scheduled to take place on Friday, Oct. 22

Following a devastating diagnosis, Krystal grappled with the idea of telling her young children (all under eight years old) about their Mom’s life-threatening condition. Once she was able to process the magnitude of what her journey would entail, she decided it was too much to put upon her children. Krystal made the difficult decision to keep this part of her life from her children to protect them.

Not long after her diagnosis, Krystal discovered Cold Capping, a process that would allow her to keep her hair from falling out by freezing the hair follicles so they don’t absorb any chemotherapy drugs. The Cold Capping hat chills to extremely cold temperatures ranging from -15 to -40 degrees Fahrenheit and must be worn before, during and after cheomotherapy treatment. It’s not an easy process and for some it may add more pain to an already painful journey, but for Krystal, this would enable her to protect her children from the trauma of trying to understand cancer at such a young age, and that was all that mattered.

Krystal Galindo.

16 Cold Caps later – each worn up to 10 hours a day, swapping out caps for colder ones every 20 minutes – not only was Krystal able to keep all her hair and her secret, she also quickly discovered that through Cold Capping she was able to preserve her mental health and subsequently the confidence in herself to beat cancer. Because Krystal was able to wake up every morning and see her normal, strong self in the mirror, she felt empowered and healthy as opposed to sickly and hopeless. This positive mindset proved to be instrumental in her battle against cancer.

Krystal shared her journey on social media to help raise awareness for Cold Capping and the importance of making it more accessible for cancer patients nationwide. Cold Capping is an out-of-pocket expense as it’s not yet standard practice in the U.S. and at $500+ a month, it may not be an option for many patients. Krystal believes Cold Capping should be more affordable so that others would be able to endure the trauma that is cancer with the same sense of dignity and strength that she was afforded.

Today, Krystal is recovering from a double mastectomy, but thanks to Cold Capping she has the hope and confidence she needs to face the remainder of her journey. Krystal firmly believes that Cold capping gave her choice in a process that was none of her choosing. 

Click HERE to watch highlights from Krystal’s journey.