According to research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and shared by Health Plan of Nevada, men are more reluctant than women to seek regular healthcare, often disregarding important risk factors that can have adverse effects on their well-being.

Neglecting regular and proactive healthcare can swiftly escalate minor problems into major challenges, resulting in a decline in both quality of life and overall well-being. Some prevalent health issues that impact men’s health include:

  • Heart disease stands as the leading cause of death among men
  • 40.5% of men aged 20 and above are affected by obesity
  • 51.9% of men aged 20 and above struggle with hypertension
  • Depression affects at least 6 million men a year
  • Among men, common types of cancer include lung, colorectal, prostate and testicular cancers.

As Father’s Day approaches, it serves as a timely reminder for men to prioritize their health by proactively seeking medical care, rather than waiting for significant health concerns to arise.