Dr. Robert M. Lowe, M.D., Ph.D. opens the first clinic of its kind in Nevada dedicated solely to the care of children with rheumatologic (autoimmune) conditions.

Dr. Robert Lowe, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Robert M. Lowe is the Founder and Medical Director of the Juvenile Arthritis & Rheumatology Care & Research Center (also known as Kids Arthritis Care), the only dedicated pediatric rheumatology clinic in the state of Nevada. The clinic houses a child-only infusion center so that pediatric patients may receive their medications in a safe and comfortable environment.

Dr. Lowe is also a clinical assistant professor at the University of Las Vegas (UNLV) School of Medicine, and is the only board-certified pediatric rheumatologist permanently based in the State of Nevada. He is credentialed with Sunrise Hospital, University Medical Center, and Summerlin Hospital.

Dr. Lowe opened his clinic in June of 2017 to fill a void in Nevada, a state with an alarming shortage of pediatric subspecialists. Dr. Lowe’s current patients regularly express past frustration in trying to receive timely pediatric rheumatology care without leaving the State of Nevada. Dr. Lowe hopes to eventually expand his clinic to draw patients from surrounding states with similar shortages of board-certified pediatric rheumatologists. The State of Nevada, by itself, could easily support five full-time pediatric rheumatologists, and Dr. Lowe plans to recruit other board-certified pediatric rheumatologists to the area.

Prior to coming to Las Vegas, Dr. Lowe served for five years on the faculty of the University of Alabama in Birmingham and Children’s of Alabama, in the division of Pediatric Rheumatology where he split his time between caring for kids with rheumatology (autoimmune) conditions and performing basic and translational research to improve our understanding of childhood lupus and Sjogren’s syndrome. Dr. Lowe spent several years in Washington State, where he received his medical degree and Doctor of Philosophy degree (Ph.D.) in Molecular and Cellular Biology, with a concentration in autoimmune disease, from the University of Washington.

Dr. Lowe has made a commitment to providing training and educational experiences to parents and other medical professionals. He hosts a Blog on the clinic website, where he answers commonly asked questions related to autoimmune conditions in children. Questions are also answered on his

Facebook page. He routinely accepts invitations to speak to doctors, medical organizations, and parent groups, and is creating training videos designed to help families learn how to safely perform injections. He is also in the process of writing several books toward the goal of promoting widespread understanding of pediatric arthritis and other autoimmune conditions affecting children. He hopes that this heightened awareness will also attract other doctors into the pediatric rheumatology profession, and there are fewer than 350 board-certified and practicing pediatric rheumatologists in the United States.

Dr. Lowe’s ultimate goal and vision is to provide the best collaborative, comprehensive and complete care for children with complex and misunderstood medical conditions. His model is to work closely with his patients’ other treating professionals, including their primary care pediatrician and any other pediatric specialists treating the child. Dr. Lowe believes that a collaborative approach is the best way to promote complete and long-term remission in rheumatology patients.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Lowe, please visit the clinic’s website, or call (702) 686-9239.