Diversifying the Health Economy in Nevada

Las Vegas HEALS, in conjunction with Governor’s Office of Economic Development, presented a special event to introduce how growing Research & Development (R&D) in Nevada will strengthen and diversify the state’s economy, and how healthcare R&D can support efforts to retain new generations of healthcare professionals. The event, held on March 7, 2019, highlighted unique opportunities for R&D in Nevada.

Those Who Attended
Hospital Executives, Economic Developers, Community Leaders, Businesses in R&D, Professional Sports Executives, Commercial Real Estate Industry, and the Healthcare Community were among those at the event.

Opening Remarks

2019 Event Program

2019 Panel Agendas & Participants

Thank you to all those who participated.

Panel 1- Healthcare and R&D

Current and upcoming Nevada businesses discussed how their work in R&D and their products will help grow and diversify Nevada’s health economy beyond clinical delivery services.

Panel 2 – Workforce Growth

Nevada businesses highlighted strategies to grow a new health care workforce with the goal to strengthen health R&D infrastructure to improve health outcomes and drive economic development in Nevada. Moderated by Dr. Saju Joseph

Panel 3 – Evolving Healthcare Delivery

Diversification of Nevada’s health economy requires moving beyond clinical care delivery and its services. Unique opportunities for R&D in Nevada were presented, including their alignment to one of the state’s economic development priorities. Moderated by Dr. Gillian Barclay.

Ending Keynote – Steve Hill, CEO, LVCVA

Steve Hill, CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, presented Bridging Economic Development with Las Vegas’ Emerging Professional Sports Environment.

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