Hotels Break Out IVs and Oxygen Tanks in Next-Gen Wellness Trends

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Hotels are racing to help you unwind. At least, that’s what you’d be led to believe if you’ve been following the flurry of wellness news that is suddenly dominating the high-end travel industry. And that doesn’t just mean that they’re looking to make an extra buck in the spa. (Though wellness tourism is poised to become a $678.5 billion business by 2017, according to the most recent Global Wellness Tourism Economy report.)
All around the world, properties are rolling out programs that help you stick to your fitness routine, preserve your sleep schedule, or tap into local wellness traditions—some quirkier than others. Here, the trends to try (or avoid) on your next trip.   


Concierge Service Provides Doctors

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After spending more than 15 years in the concierge business, Tyra Bell-Holland switched gears to solve a common problem in the industry.

“When I started as a concierge, no one knew what to do when guests got sick so we’d send them to the emergency room or a medical clinic,” she said. “Guests expected a service and we had no responses, so I decided to create something that married resort and concierge with medical tourism.”

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