2,314 New Jobs Coming to Greater Las Vegas With Help From LVGEA

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Record-breaking 13 Companies Approved for State Incentives to Relocate or Expand in Region

With approval by the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) board of directors, 13 companies will relocate or expand in Southern Nevada with the assistance of the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA). Together, they mark the greatest number of LVGEA-assisted companies approved at a single GOED Board meeting.

“I would like to welcome these great companies to Nevada who are making a major investment in our economy,” said Governor Steve Sisolak. “As we look to reskill workers whose jobs were displaced during the pandemic, these companies are creating skilled jobs with competitive wages.”

The 13 companies are projected to bring a total of 2,314 high-quality jobs to Southern Nevadans over the next five years at an average hourly wage of $33.36. Many of these jobs align with Southern Nevada‘s newly identified target industries, including technology, manufacturing and logistics, which are critical for the region’s economic growth and diversification.

“We are thrilled to see these companies invest in Southern Nevada and create jobs for our residents,” said LVGEA President and CEO Jonas Peterson. “The recovery we are experiencing now is a result of a shared regional economic development strategy, improving market conditions, and a resilient community.”

“Our focus throughout the pandemic has been very focused on the 50,000 jobs that may not return to the hospitality and leisure sectors of Nevada’s economy,” said Michael Brown, GOED Executive Director. “In addition to creating new jobs, I am confident that these companies will create opportunities for re-skilling workers.”

Accurate Manufactured Products Group – 28 jobs, $27.72 average wage

Accurate Manufactured Products Group is a U.S manufacturer of hard-to-find, custom, and architectural fasteners. The company is looking to establish a distribution facility in the City of Henderson. The company was approved for the creation of 22 jobs in the first two years of operation with the potential for 28 jobs within five years of operation.

“Headquartered in Indianapolis, the heart of the Midwest, we are excited to bring our Midwest charm as a family-owned-and-operated company since 1987 to the business-friendly Las Vegas,” said the company’s founder Matt Goldberg. “Domestic manufacturing is more important than ever, and over the next few years there will be a lot more products and processes onshore to be made here in America. Having a facility in Nevada allows us to get products to our west coast distributors faster, in a world where speed is becoming the defining characteristic.”

Applied Manufacturing, LLC – 174 jobs, $24.45 average wage

Applied Medical designs, develops, and manufactures medical devices. Applied Manufacturing, a subsidiary of Applied Medical, is establishing a new manufacturing facility in the City of North Las Vegas. This company was approved for the creation of 54 jobs in the first two years of operation with the potential for 174 jobs within five years of operation.

“We are excited to become a part of the City of North Las Vegas community. Thank you to the LVGEA for their assistance in making this expansion possible,” said Tom Wachli, president of Applied Manufacturing. “We look forward to bringing our unique business model, collaborative and team-based culture, and opportunities for rewarding careers to one of Nevada’s fastest growing cities.”

Ball Metal Beverage Container Corp. — 222 jobs, $32.53 average wage

Ball Corporation supplies innovative, sustainable aluminum packaging solutions for beverage, personal care and household products customers, as well as aerospace and other technologies and services primarily for the U.S. government. Ball will establish a new facility in the City of North Las Vegas. This company was approved for the creation of 178 jobs in the first two years of operation with the potential for 222 new jobs within five years of operation.

CAE – 87 jobs, $57.58 average wage

CAE is a high-technology company and aviation training partner of aviation professionals, airlines, business aviation operators, aircraft manufacturers, and the defense industry. The company will establish an aviation training center in Southern Nevada. CAE was approved for the creation of 78 jobs in the first two years of operation with the potential for 87 jobs within five years of operation.

Crown Holdings, Inc. – 126 jobs

Crown Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiaries, is a leading global supplier of rigid packaging products to consumer marketing companies, as well as transit and protective packaging products, equipment and services to a broad range of end markets. World headquarters are located in Yardley, Pennsylvania. The company will establish a new aluminum beverage can manufacturing facility in the City of Mesquite. This company was approved for the creation of 126 jobs in the first two years of operation.

“We are excited to join the Mesquite Technology and Commerce Center with a new 355,000 square foot, state-of-the-art beverage can manufacturing facility, creating 126 new jobs,” said Timothy J. Donahue, President and Chief Executive Officer. “We are thankful for the LVGEA’s time and resources throughout the selection process and look forward to becoming an integral part of the community in Mesquite, Nevada.”

Flowers Baking Company of Henderson, LLC – 88 jobs, $25.44 average wage

Flowers Baking Company is a food manufacturing company that produces sliced bread and buns. The company will expand its current operations in the City of Henderson. This company was approved for the creation of 66 jobs in the first two years of operation with the potential for 88 jobs within five years of operation.

Haddington Dynamics II, LLC – 363 jobs, $67.62 average wage

Haddington Dynamics is an advanced research and development company in the field of robotics and automation. The company will expand its current operations in Clark County. This company was approved for the creation of 99 jobs in the first two years of operation with the potential for 363 jobs within five years of operation.

Motional AD Inc. – 203 jobs, $35.92 average wage

Motional is an autonomous vehicle company committed to making self-driving cars safe, reliable, and accessible. The company will expand its current Southern Nevada operations. This company was approved for the creation of 111 jobs in the first two years of operation with the potential for 203 jobs within five years.

“Motional has had a presence in Las Vegas for over four years, during which we’ve helped establish the region as a hub for future mobility innovation,” said Abe Ghabra, Vice President of Global Operations, Motional. “Las Vegas is home to our public robotaxi service, a fleet that has safely introduced hundreds of thousands of consumers to driverless technology, and is also critical to our testing and research operations. We’re excited to continue to invest in our Las Vegas operations through the expansion of our closed course testing facility and extensive hiring. We thank the LVGEA for their support and continued dedication to the region’s thriving technology community.”

NeuroVu Studios – 33 jobs, $33.20 average wage

NeuroVu is an innovative film and video production company. The company will establish the first of its kind extended reality studio in Las Vegas. The company was approved for the creation of 20 jobs in the first two years of operation with the potential of 33 jobs within five years of operation.

“After careful evaluation of the film, TV and advertising industry magnet cities of New York City and Los Angeles, the attractive and established film and TV incentives offered by Atlanta, and the emerging production cities of Phoenix, Park City, and Chicago, we believe that Las Vegas offers an exciting, established ecosystem for us to grow,” said Jason Soto, NeuroVu Vice President of Strategy and Growth. “NeuroVu is committed to the continued growth and diversification of the Las Vegas Market. The area has access to a rich workforce of creative and technical employees. Nevada’s commitment to training programs will provide us with excellent recruitment opportunities. We fully intend to build up and expand a technically skilled workforce. In Las Vegas, R&D and commercialization partnerships with UNLV and other key local partners will empower quick and significant growth.”

Nuro, Inc. – 370 jobs, $28.24 average wage

Nuro produces self-driving vehicles made for delivering local goods. The company will establish an autonomous vehicle testing site and end-of-line manufacturing facility in Las Vegas. This company was approved for the creation of 250 jobs in the first two years of operation with the potential for 370 jobs within five years of operation.

“This is a significant step for Nuro as we are now able to invest in the infrastructure to build tens of thousands of robots,” said Jianjun Zhu, Nuro co-founder and CEO. “We greatly appreciate the guidance from the LVGEA and for providing their time and resources to us throughout the process.”

T-Mobile USA, Inc. – more than 100 jobs, $25.50 average wage

T-Mobile is a communications services company. The company is considering a relocation and expansion of its T-Mobile Customer Experience Center and existing team in Las Vegas, to bring its innovative and industry-leading Team of Experts (TEX) model to even more customers. This company plans to create more than 100 jobs within five years of operation.

“T-Mobile is thrilled for the opportunity to expand our operations in Southern Nevada and connect in with the amazing talent this region has to offer to extend our one-of-a-kind personalized, team-based approach to serve even more customers in this area – and beyond,” said T-Mobile Executive Vice President of Customer Care Callie Field. “We are excited for what’s to come for the Un-carrier!”

Wells Enterprises, Inc. – 87 jobs, $22.82 average wage

Wells Enterprises is an ice cream and frozen desserts manufacturing company. The company will expand its current Southern Nevada operations in the City of Henderson. This company was approved for the creation 87 jobs in the first two years of operation.

A Logistics Company – 414 jobs, $26.43 average wage

A logistics company will establish a full line distribution center in the City of North Las Vegas. This company was approved for the creation of 207 jobs in the first two years of operation with the potential for 414 jobs within five years of operation.

Donald Pearson Joins Las Vegas HEALS Board to Help Drive Process of Improving Healthcare for Southern Nevadans

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Pearson Returns to Las Vegas After Graduation from United States Naval Academy and Service in United States Marine Corps

Having moved with his family to Nevada as a young child, and later returned to the community after many years living outside of the state, Donald Pearson is proud to live in Las Vegas and call it home for his family.

When Donald was eight years old, his mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of thyroid cancer. Unable to find the required care in Las Vegas, and wanting to receive the best medical treatment and assurance that she would be able to continue to raise Donald and his sister, his mother was forced to seek treatment out-of-state. Despite enduring these family health challenges at a young age, Donald maintained hope that one day Las Vegas would be the pinnacle of excellence when it came to healthcare for his family and loved ones.

As Donald and his wife Arianna raise their family in Las Vegas, he finds himself reflecting on his childhood experience with his mother’s cancer. He now takes comfort in knowing that if a healthcare crisis arises his family doesn’t have to leave their home, as with the progress made in recent years Las Vegas healthcare now has their backs. Donald was overjoyed to accept a Board of Directors position with Las Vegas HEALS, to help drive its mission to continue the improvement of healthcare in Southern Nevada.

Donald attended Faith Lutheran for both middle school and high school. It was there that he met his wife, Arianna. After high school graduation, Arianna attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Nursing and Donald accepted an appointment to the United States Naval Academy on a football scholarship.

After graduating from United States Naval Academy in 2016 Don was commissioned into the United States Marine Corps as a 2nd Lieutenant. Donald and Arianna got married and moved to their assigned duty station in Miami, Florida where he served as a Financial Manager responsible for all resources allocated in support of Marine Corps activities in Central and South America. Although it never felt like home, Donald appreciated that in Florida he found his love for finance and complex problem solving.

During Donald’s time in Miami, he and Arianna became parents to a beautiful baby girl, Chanelle. The couple pledged to one day return to Las Vegas to be part of the community and raise their family there. Upon completion of Donald’s military service, at the rank of a Marine Captain, the Pearson family fulfilled that promise and their dream of moving back to the city they loved.

Professionally, Donald is a member of WestPac Wealth Partners as a Wealth Management Advisor specializing in financial planning for medical professionals, both individual practitioners and medical groups at large. Education is at the very heart of his practice and he believes in empowering those who make the biggest impact on our community with the very best financial resources.

He is a lifelong learner and understands the value that a good coach can bring. Donald is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Retirement Income Certified Professional®, Chartered Financial Consultant®, and Wealth Management Certified Professional® and has a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. Donald has embraced his love for teaching and tutors college undergrad and post-graduate students in finance as well as aspiring Financial Advisors in their preparation for earning their securities licensing.

Outside of marrying his 7th grade sweetheart and being a father to a fifth generation Las Vegan, his proudest achievement is being a part of the Naval Academy football team that boasted a 4-0 record against Army and finished in the NCAA Top 25 rankings in both his Junior and Senior seasons.

Donald and Arianna’s family has been in Las Vegas for four generations. His father in-law owns and operates the Omelet House, a Las Vegas landmark founded in 1979. With community ties deep and strong, Donald is ecstatic to give back to the place he calls home through Las Vegas HEALS and his family’s other community service efforts.

COVID-19 Update – July 2, 2021

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COVID-19 Update

  • The Southern Nevada Health District is reporting a total of 2,005,236 doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in Clark County as of July 2. The total number of vaccinations initiated is 1,150,695; the number of vaccinations completed is 946,421.
  • Upcoming vaccination clinics are scheduled at the following locations and additional information is available at www.snhd.info/covid-vaccine:
    • Fade’Em All Barber shop, 7760 W. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, Saturday, July 3, 12 p.m.-2 pm.
    • Galleria at Sunset, 1300 W. Sunset Rd., Henderson, Wednesday, July 7-Saturday, August 14, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m., lower level
    • CSN North Las Vegas and West Charleston campuses, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Tuesday-Friday
    • Southern Nevada Health District, 280 S. Decatur Blvd., Las Vegas, Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.,
  • The Health District continues to sequence samples of positive COVID-19 test results to identify variants of concern. To date, the Alpha B.1.1.7 (UK) variant is the dominant variant with 731 cases; the Delta B.1.617 variant has been identified in 269 cases. The total number of COVID-19 cases identified with variants of concern is 1,132.
  • The Nevada State Public Health Laboratory (NSPHL) reported three Delta-Plus cases to the Southern Nevada Health District last week; these cases were sequenced by the NSPHL.
  • Unvaccinated people attending Fourth of July celebrations and gathering are at an increased risk of COVID-19 infection and spreading the virus. It is recommended they:
    • Continue wearing masks in public places and in gatherings with unvaccinated friends and family members and maintain a safe social distance both indoors and outdoors until fully vaccinated.
    • Practice frequent handwashing, especially after being in a public place, after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing and before eating.
    • Visit the CDC’s website for additional guidance for unvaccinated people to celebrate holidays and special events: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/holidays/winter.html
  • COVID-19 testing is available at the Southern Nevada Health District Monday-Friday, 6:15 a.m. – 12 p.m.; CSN North Las Vegas, West Charleston, and Henderson campuses, Tuesday-Friday, 12 p.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Testing is recommended for people who have symptoms of COVID-19 or who are not fully vaccinated or unvaccinated and are a close contact of someone who has COVID-19. In addition, unvaccinated people who have participated in activities that put them at a higher risk of infection, including events with limited masking and social distancing. COVID-19 testing information is available: www.snhd.info/covid-testing and Nevada Health Response: https://nvhealthresponse.nv.gov/find-covid-19-testing-in-nevada/.

More information about COVID-19, including Health District resources, reports, and testing and vaccine clinic sites is available at www.snhd.info/covid. The Health District’s COVID-19 Dashboard is updated daily and available at www.snhd.info/covid-cases.

The Southern Nevada Health District serves as the local public health authority for Clark County, Boulder City, Henderson, Las Vegas, Mesquite and North Las Vegas. The agency safeguards the public health of the community’s residents and visitors through innovative programs, regulations, and initiatives focused on protecting and promoting their health and well-being. More information about the Health District, its programs, services, and the regulatory oversight it provides is available at www.SNHD.info. Follow the Health District on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

WGU Military Appreciate Scholarship Available for Careers in Healthcare

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WGU is join our nation in honoring our serving and retired armed forces and families on Memorial Day and every day! WGU is proud to be ranked as a top-rated “Military-Friendly®” program and to count 13% of our student body as military-affiliated.  We are very pleased to offer this scholarship in recognition of your service:

America’s military personnel and their families have made countless sacrifices in the service of our country. We don’t want you to make any more sacrifices when it comes to your, or your family’s, college education.

That’s why WGU created our Military Appreciation Scholarship.

  • Valued at up to $2,500
  • Can be applied to any of WGU’s more than 60 career-focused degree programs in business, education, IT, and healthcare (including nursing).
  • Open to service members, veterans, and their spouses.

WGU’s classes are 100% online with no set log-in times. Plus, you can advance through the curriculum as quickly as you demonstrate mastery of the material and skills.

Optum Care Cancer Care Adds Two New Providers

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Optum Care Cancer Care has added two new providers to help meet the growing need for health services in the Las Vegas community.

Carlos W Araujo, M.D. joins Optum Care Cancer Care (2300 W. Charleston Blvd.), specializing in hematology and medical oncology.

Irene Kyritsis, A.P.R.N. joins Optum Care Cancer Care (3175 Saint Rose Pkwy, Ste. 200, Henderson), specializing in medical oncology.

Clark County Surpasses One Million First Dose COVID-19 Vaccinations

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The Southern Nevada Health District is reporting more than a million first doses of the COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in Clark County. As of May 25, more than 1,002,047 people have received their first dose of the vaccine at sites throughout the community. Of those vaccinated, 785,182 have been fully vaccinated and more than 1,713,609 doses have been administered.

“The Health District received its first shipment of the vaccine on December 22, 2020, and now six months later we are marking what has been a monumental undertaking,” said Dr. Fermin Leguen, District Health Officer for the Southern Nevada Health District. “This achievement is a credit to the hard work of our public health staff, and our many partners at the local, state, and federal level, as well as to every individual in our community who did their part to keep themselves and each other safe and healthy.”

The Health District is encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective at preventing people from getting sick. Everyone 12 years of age and older is now eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine. People who are fully vaccinated can start doing activities they did prior to the pandemic. More information about current recommendations is available on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

“The progress we have made to vaccinate Southern Nevada residents is a credit to the strong partnerships we have in our community across our public and private sectors,” said North Las Vegas Councilman and Southern Nevada District Board of Health Chair Scott Black. “Our vaccination efforts have been supported and encouraged by large corporations, small businesses, and individuals who want to do their part to keep their community safe. It is because of these combined efforts that we are able to start to return to normal.”

“I want to thank our residents for helping us achieve this milestone in protecting the health and safety of our community,” said Clark County Commission Chairman Marilyn Kirkpatrick, who also serves as Vice Chair of the Health District’s Board of Health. “Fighting the pandemic is a community effort. We would not be where we are today in terms of returning to normal life if our residents hadn’t responded to the call to get vaccinated when they became eligible to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep themselves, their family members and the visitors to our community safe.”

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine has never been more convenient. Upcoming pop-up clinic locations include:

  • Thursday, May 27, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. – Whitney Recreation and Senior Center, 5712 E. Missouri Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89122
  • Friday, May 28, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. – The Crossing Church, 7950 W. Windmill Ln., Las Vegas, NV 89113

The Health District and partners continue to offer drive thru vaccines at the Texas Station and Las Vegas Convention Center locations, and upcoming locations also include school district sites. More information is available at www.snhd.info/covid-vaccine. Additional COVID-19 vaccine clinic information can be found online at www.NVCOVIDFighter.org. The site also features live chat support to make scheduling a COVID-19 vaccine appointment and getting information about the vaccine more accessible.

Children under the age of 18 must have written consent from a parent or guardian at the time of services. The Health District’s policy is available on its website at www.southernnevadahealthdistrict.org/about-us/general-information/policies-regulations/.

Additional information about COVID-19, including Health District resources, reports, and testing and vaccine clinic sites is available at www.snhd.info/covid. The Health District’s COVID-19 Dashboard is updated daily and available at www.snhd.info/covid-cases.

Pro Football Hall of Famer, Anthony Munoz, Visits Las Vegas Vaccination Sites in Support of COVID-19 Vaccine PSA Campaign

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Pro Football Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz visited various vaccination sites and locations across Las Vegas, on April 26, meeting with elected officials, community leaders, residents, and healthcare professionals. The visit is in conjunction with the recently launched COVID-19 vaccine PSA campaign, a partnership between SilverSummit Healthplan, Centene, and the Pro Football of Fame, to educate people across the country about the safety and importance of the COVID-19 vaccine, with a particular focus on communities of color.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Presents $79,000 Donation to Special Olympics Nevada

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11th Annual “Month of Giving” Check Presentation. SONV representatives and volunteer coaches will be on hand to accept an incredible $79,000 donation from Jersey Mike’s Subs during a special check presentation. A part of it’s annual Month of Giving campaign, 12 Jersey Mike’s locations collected donations throughout March, building to its Day of Giving on March 31, where the restaurants donated 100 percent of sales, not just profits, to SONV.

In addition to supporting the organization’s sports, education, leadership, and health programs for athletes with intellectual disabilities, Jersey Mike’s goal-busting donation will assist SONV in it’s efforts to establish an independently run chapter in Nevada. While all fundraising dollars support athletes in Nevada, SONV is currently under the umbrella of Special Olympics Northern California.

The restaurant chain is also looking to expand it’s team in southern Nevada. Jersey Mike’s is currently hiring for 20-30 open positions across the Las Vegas valley, including general managers, assistant managers and crew members.