Physician Speaking Opportunity for State Bar of Nevada’s Annual Conference

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The State Bar of Nevada has a speaking opportunity available for a physician that provides treatment or expert witness services in injury cases, whether for plaintiff or defense attorneys (and, ideally, someone who works with both).  This speaking opportunity will be part of programming  for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) for the Insurance and Health Law Section of the State Bar of Nevada. This speaking opportunity would be part of the State Bar of Nevada’s annual conference on July 12-14, 2018 in Chicago, IL.  Travel and lodging expenses for attendance would be reimbursed.

Every year, hundreds if not thousands of Nevadans are badly injured in car crashes and other accidents.  To obtain treatment they otherwise not be able to receive–or afford–these individuals receive medical care from physicians that work on liens: The medical provider puts a lien on any recovery obtained in the injured patient’s personal injury case, and then is paid from any settlement or verdict.  For many Nevadans, this is the only way they would be able to receive necessary and sometimes extensive medical procedures, such as spine surgery.

The purpose of this presentation is to recognize medical liens as a financial instrument that ends up affecting many areas of law beyond the personal injury case where it is asserted.  In addition to the dispute over liens between the injured and the insured, the seminar seeks to identify and examine how these liens affect bankruptcy, divorce, and estate planning practices.  All of these areas are likely to encounter, and be affected by, medical liens.

These medical liens intersect with many other areas of the law.  Personal injury cases can take years to resolve.  During that time, especially in the wake of a loss of income that a series injury causes, injured patients may get divorced, have to file for bankruptcy, or worse.  These medical liens can become issues in those divorce and bankruptcy proceedings.  Additionally, the injured person’s treatment under such liens can cause other issues with the injured patient’s insurance providers and government healthcare providers, including Medicare and Medicaid.

By informing the State Bar of Nevada’s general membership of these issues, the Insurance and Health Law Section intends to better equip a range of practitioners to address their client’s issues.  The presentation’s planned format will have three panelists: one physician, whose practice uses such liens, and two attorneys–one who engages in personal injury litigation, and another with familiarity with bankruptcy and divorce matters.  Together, these panelists will discuss how medical liens arise, how they are disposed of, and how they interact with some of the largest fields of practice for the State Bar’s membership.  Each panelist is anticipated to give a brief presentation on their experience with liens in their work, and to answer questions among themselves and from the audience, leaving attendees more familiar with this area and the issues likely to affect their clients.

Physicians interested in consideration can contact:

J. Malcolm DeVoy
DeVoy Law P.C.
2575 Montessouri Street, Suite 201
Las Vegas, NV 89117
t: 702-706-3051
f: 702-977-9359