University Medical Center

CEO Of University Medical Center (UMC) Brings Public Hospital To Profitability

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 University Medical Center

At the end of the fiscal year on June 30, UMC CEO Mason VanHouweling — who took over the top leadership spot at the end of 2014 — projects the hospital will be $35 million in the black.

While VanHouweling has led the turnaround — Sisolak said he’s “clearly effective” at finding ways to increase revenue — the 46-year-old CEO talks more about “team effort” than Steve Kerr, the coach of the Golden State Warriors.

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Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers, Insurers Join Forces

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Healthcare Providers

The healthcare industry is experiencing a significant shift in the relationship between insurance companies and health care providers, with many joining forces to provide patients with improved levels of care. This often includes partnerships to create new payment models with incentives to promote better quality of care at lower costs.

Recently, a group of the nation’s largest health care organizations and insurers announced they would collaborate through a new organization…

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Rare Osseointegration Procedure In US Promises Amputee ‘Chance At Quality Of Life’

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There’s a question that’s plagued Breckenridge, Minnesota, resident Anthony Reff for more than 10 years: Why him?

The pedestrian victim of a September 2005 car accident, Reff lost much of his right leg in a necessary amputation.

“I was severely injured,” he said. “I pretty much barely had a heartbeat when rescue got there.”


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Wearable Artificial Kidney Could Enhance Dialysis Patients’ Lives

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An experimental wearable artificial kidney shows promise as a substitute for dialysis machines, researchers report.

More than 2 million people worldwide with kidney failure require chronic dialysis. They must follow strict limitations as to what they eat and drink.

Longer, more frequent dialysis would offer better outcomes, but current dialysis machines aren’t portable. They limit patients’ freedom of movement and ability to engage in the normal activities of daily living.

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Stretch Goals – Compliance Or Inspiration?

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It seems we are always being asked to do more with less. Employers expect higher productivity. Coaches and fans expect more wins. Contractors add higher goals for less money. We expect more weight loss and better fitness with less effort. Oh, and yes, make that long term and sustained. How do we get motivated to do all of this? Does “stretching” our goals inspire us to do better for longer?

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Foxlink Makes Investment in MedWand Digital Health

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Telemedicine device startup MedWand announced today that it has received a major investment from Foxlink Group, a renowned multi-billion dollar Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer. The amount of investment was not disclosed.

MedWand, with offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Orange County, California, creates technology that allows patients to be examined remotely with a multi-diagnostic handheld device over Internet and satellite links. Dubbed the “telephone of medical exams,” the MedWand has won numerous awards and accolades for its ability to allow patients to be examined from anywhere. MedWand was the winner of the 2015 Health 2.0 Launch event after its inventor, Dr. Samir Qamar, examined a patient hundreds of miles away in front of a live audience.

MedWand CEO and Chairman, Dr. Qamar, commented on the deal. “Foxlink is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronics from companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon. To have Foxlink invest capital and guidance in MedWand’s virtual medical exam technology gives us the opportunity to reach markets worldwide. We are excited about our new relationship, and the international impact we will have on medical technology. MedWand is honored to have Foxlink as an investor.”

Foxlink, which typically makes Series A investments, made an exception with MedWand by investing in its seed round.

“As the world moves towards digital health and telemedicine, MedWand is exceptionally well-positioned to make a global and lasting impact with its remote medical examination capabilities,” remarked Rodney Chiu, Foxlink Group’s Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Investments. In addition to believing that MedWand’s technology is the leader in its space, we find MedWand’s team to be a unique blend of healthcare and engineering experts, a necessary ingredient for success. In addition to investment, Foxlink will provide technical, manufacturing, and distribution guidance to validate MedWand in markets around the world. Foxlink looks forward to building on the early successes of MedWand.”

With significant pre-orders and global distribution deals in hand, MedWand is currently welcoming Series A investors, according to company officials.MedWand

About Foxlink –
Headquartered in Taipei Taiwan, Foxlink has over 15 design, manufacturing and sales sites worldwide. Since 1986 Foxlink has been designing, manufacturing and selling connectors, cable assemblies, power management devices, battery packs on an OEM/ODM basis to some of the world’s leading makers of communications devices, computers and consumer electronics. In addition to its expertise in the components, Foxlink and its subsidiaries have successfully developed diversified products in the area of wireless communications and optical technology, targeting to provide customers the total solution from components to turnkey products with the highest quality.

About MedWand Digital Health –
U.S.-based MedWand Solutions, Inc. creates award-winning telemedicine technology, allowing consumers to be remotely-examined by medical providers. Designed to be used by patients and doctors together, the handheld MedWand device is portable and combines a digital stethoscope, high-definition video camera for looking at skin and inside passages, thermometers, pulse oximetry, respiratory and heart rate monitors, EKG, and Bluetooth for peripheral device data. MedWand DOCs (Digital Onsite Clinics™) combine MedWand devices with computers and tablets to create virtual clinic capabilities for consumers worldwide. For more information, visit, or follow on Twitter @MedWand.


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Southern Hills Sees Patient Pain Management Improve

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Patient pain management has gotten much easier for Southern Hills Hospital, a premier Las Vegas, Nevada medical facility, thanks to its implementation of technology from AccendoWavecombined with Samsung Galaxy tablets. The cutting-edge solution collects patient feedback on pain, and provides games, music, video clips and full-length movies from DIRECTV to help keep patients occupied. So far, the solution has yielded results that reflect notable improvements in the patient experience.


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Understanding Some Of The Essential Levels Of Care

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With a wide variety of health care options available in Southern Nevada, it’s important to understand the roles of primary care providers, urgent care facilities and hospital emergency departments. When used appropriately, these levels of care can serve an incredibly valuable resources for patients, offering a broad range of services spanning from preventative health care to life-saving treatment.

In certain situations, it can be confusing for patients to decide whether their conditions warrant a visit to a primary care physician, urgent care clinic or emergency room. “These three levels of care address three very different needs for patients,” said Dr. John Onyema, medical director of University Medical Center’s ambulatory care centers.

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Summerlin Hospital’s Volunteer Force Numbers 250, And Most Are Women

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They come from various places and different backgrounds. They also work free. Summerlin Hospital relies on its volunteers — a force 250 strong — to help pick up the slack.

About 80 percent are women. They’re called Patient Ambassadors.

Their tasks are many: school tours, Teddy Bear clinics, community seminars, blood donation drives, flower deliveries, the book store, the information desk and Senior Advantage programs.

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Las Vegas Woman First In Country to Receive ‘Revolutionary’ Bladder Cancer Treatment

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A groundbreaking bladder cancer treatment was approved by the FDA this week, generating new hope for the 76,000 Americans diagnosed with the disease every year. The first patient to receive the commercial treatment lives in Las Vegas. (……and is being treated by Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada’s Dr. Nick Vogelzang)

“It’s going to make chemotherapy look like a dinosaur,” said Dr. Nicholas Vogelzang of the Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada.


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