Validation Institute Verifies Blossom Bariatrics Health Performance Claim Through Objective, Third-Party Process

Blossom Bariatrics is pleased to announce successful completion of validation by Validation Institute. Validation Institute tests the accuracy of health care performance claims by health care vendors. Blossom Bariatrics Fast Track Program joins the more than 40 validated programs representing several different areas of health care services and products.

“In a booming industry filled with performance promises that often seem too good to be true, it’s essential for high-quality, value-based, and cost-conscious vendors to stand out and rise to the top for the benefit of today’s health care populations and users, ” said RD Whitney, CEO of Validation Institute. “Validation Institute plays a unique role in fostering, and ultimately achieveing, that indsutry end state where verifiable results are king.”

“Achieveing validation is an exiting milestone for us,” said Dr. Tom Umbach, Owner and Chief Visionary Officer of Blossom Bariatrics. “Our brand has always put the quality of our services at the forefront. Being officially verified through an objective, third-party process lends our program more credibility and trust in the market place, helping us stand out from the crowd in a more meaningful way to our clients!”

Through a rigorous process, Validation Institute’s Population Health Scientists systematically review the analytical elements—the data sources, data, and calculations—of a vendor’s performance claims to see whether they align with the promised results. In this way, Validation Institute’s “stamp of approval” acts as a signal to health care purchasers that the program is trustworthy, bolstering the purchaser’s due diligence and confidence in their health care selections.

About Blossom Bariatrics:
Blossom Bariatrics is a weight loss surgery center located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Award winning surgeon Dr. Thomas Umbach and his team of professionals are dedicated to providing individualized compassionate care with radically innovative client services, unheard of client experience and superior surgical skill! Blossom’s Fast Track program is designed to help clients across the US and Canada receive the patented Safe Sleeve weight loss surgery procedure at an affordable cost and in a condensed time frame.

About the Validation Institute:
Validation Institute is an independent, objective, 3rd party organization on a mission to improve the quality and cost of healthcare. Based in Portsmouth, N.H., the organization is made up of a network of health benefits purchasers, health benefits advisors, and healthcare solution providers focused on delivering better health value and stronger outcomes than conventional healthcare.