Las Vegas HEALS and Experts Share Insights into Challenge of Opiates

It was our pleasure to delve into the critical topic of opiate use disorders and the innovative approach of using buprenorphine in emergency departments. Dr. Kelly Morgan, the medical director for Las Vegas Fire and Rescue, shares her journey of learning about opiate use disorders and the transformation in her perspective over the past year.

Dr. Morgan emphasizes the importance of building coalitions and fostering a community approach to tackle opiate use disorders in Las Vegas. She introduces Dre Cantwell-Frank, a program director for Bridge to Treatment, who sheds light on successful treatment strategies in emergency departments.

Dre Cantwell-Frank discusses the alarming rise in synthetic opioid overdose deaths and shares her personal experiences in the field of emergency medicine. She highlights the effectiveness of buprenorphine in treating withdrawal, cravings, and protecting against overdose, emphasizing its unique characteristics and safety profile.

The episode explores the challenges of stigma and misconceptions surrounding substance use disorders, emphasizing the need for a compassionate and supportive approach in healthcare settings. The speakers address common concerns such as precipitated withdrawal and diversion, providing insights and strategies to overcome these barriers.

Listeners are introduced to a practical algorithm for identifying and initiating buprenorphine in the emergency department, emphasizing the importance of timely intervention and ongoing support for patients. The episode also highlights the impact of pre-hospital buprenorphine initiatives and the goal of expanding access to MAT in emergency departments nationwide by 2027.

Join us on this informative and engaging journey as we navigate the complexities of opiate use disorders and work towards creating a more inclusive and effective healthcare system for all individuals. Let’s break down barriers, challenge stigma, and pave the way for comprehensive treatment solutions in emergency settings. Stay tuned for more insights and stories on addressing opiate use disorders in the emergency department.

This presentation as put together as a partnership between Las Vegas HEALS and The PACT Coalition. We look forward to bringing more presentations like this to help our community mitigate the impact that opiate use disorders is having on our society.

Watch a Video from the Presentation