2019 Plan of Action

Under the leadership of Bob Cooper, 2018 Chairman of the Board of Directors, informal interviews were held with all board members to gather intelligence for the creation of the 2019 Plan of Action. Bob, along with staff, presented the Plan of Action to the board in July and the plan was formally adopted in November of 2018. To achieve the Las Vegas HEALS mission and vision, the organization identified key goals which include:

  • Goal 1 – Provide an awareness and education of the region’s outstanding health care attributes and be a positive and credible source of information
  • Goal 2 – Provide an awareness and education on the region’s health care challenges and barriers to growth
  • Goal 3 – Foster collaborative partnerships and leadership on the workforce issues for health care providers in Southern Nevada
  • Goal 4 – Encourage the collaboration of HEALS members on critical legislative challenges and opportunities regarding health care issues
  • Goal 5 – Be the region’s most respected collaborative voice for the health care community
  • Goal 6 – Seek excellence and transparency in the management of the HEALS organization
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