Las Vegas HEALS

Founded in 2002, Las Vegas HEALS (Health, Education, Advocacy, and Leadership in Southern Nevada) is a nonprofit, membership-based association whose mission is to foster strategic alliances in the healthcare community, collaborating on workforce issues, and being a proactive force for legislative initiatives to improve access and the delivery of quality healthcare. The organization now represents members who collectively employ over 28,000 healthcare professionals. Multiple task forces, councils and committees meet on a regular basis to address various issues and opportunities.

Who We Are

Las Vegas HEALS is a coalition of medical and wellness industry professionals, organizations and institutions devoted to improving the access and delivery of healthcare in Southern Nevada.

Meet the Directors
What We Do

Las Vegas HEALS advocates for the entire healthcare industry. We execute on our mission guided by a Plan of Action developed by the Board of Directors.

Plan of Action
The Goal

Position Las Vegas to become the most globally recognized destination for health & wellness travel by collaborating with our industry and community stakeholders.

Membership Benefits

Our Shared Values

Our membership is inclusive of all organizations involved in the delivery of quality health care. We are nonpartisan. We support issues, not politics.

It is our duty and responsibility to bring honesty, integrity, and clarity to the
conversation around health care. We advocate internally and externally on issues such as quality, access, and affordability

We strive to find commonalities amongst all groups, organizations, and individuals for the betterment of our community. Those commonalities include integrity, ethics, morals, and quality.

Transparency builds trust. Health care affects our entire community. As leaders,
we must be trusted to be the steward.

Our staff, board, and members respect each other’s differences and viewpoints,
and we are collectively accountable for our work and actions.

Idealism represents principles of safety, wholeness, and ethical correctness
regarding wellness issues and initiatives.

Our outcomes measure our success, and we understand we can only manage that which we measure.

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