Top 5 Marketing Action Plan

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2017 is here! Now is a great time to work on a marketing plan to put your best foot forward. Here are five ideas to consider when planning for marketing and advertising this year, or any year.

  • Look Back

Learning from the past is the best way to not repeat mistakes, and to make the best use of what went well. Review carefully what worked and didn’t work last year by determining the return on your investment. If you can look at an advertising activity and clearly see that it helped you achieve the goal you set, then it was successful. For example, if your practice participated in an event to generate new referrals, did you get the referrals? Did you have a method to track them? How could you improve the engagement? Also, take time to think about things you could have done but didn’t. Are there programs that you have not explored which may bring a new patient base? Finally, be sure you are getting feedback from employees in a variety of areas of your practice to see what they think is working. Sometimes you think something is working but it needs to be changed because it isn’t achieving your goals.

  • Define Your Goals

Marketing goals should be measurable and realistic. For example, do you want to create a new website in 2017? Then you need to have an action plan to do this and realistic time frames and budget to support your goal. You will need time to hire a web development firm, work on content and do thorough testing of the site. Or, maybe this year you want to increase the number of referrals you are getting from a certain other type of practice. You will want to have a plan to market to those practices and a method of measuring which patients came from the program. Having defined and measurable goals this year makes next year’s planning easier, too.

  • Create a Calendar

Try to plan what you can, but allow for changes. Reach out to publications and other outlets where you are interested in advertising and find out what their schedules are so you can be sure to meet their deadlines. Make a list of events you want your practice to participate in and schedule in time for preparation, such as creating a booth or preparing content. Think about any milestones your practice is celebrating this year, such as a big anniversary or another announcement, and plan how you want to publicize it, such as through media advertising or press releases. The key is allowing yourself lead time to prepare for all your marketing activities so you are not always playing catch up and you can make the most of your time and budget.

  • Set a Budget

Using your look back to 2016, determine what your new advertising budget should be. Think about your target audience, such as other practices for referrals, and find out the best way to reach them. Consider how each dollar you spend will be returned to you in new business. To do this, look at the types of marketing you are interested in, such as SEO, print, outdoor, television, etc. and find out from the provider what the usual impact is as far as audience reached and trackable returns. The bottom line is that you want your investments to have the best return for your money, so know who your audience is and the best way to reach them using the least expensive and most effective methods.

  • Get Ahead with some Help

Consider hiring an advertising agency such as Lippman Media to create and execute a marketing plan for you this year. Lippman Media has an expert team that manages online advertising, web design, graphic design, newsletters, social media presence, press releases, reputation management and more. The team utilizes various tools to assist with web search optimization, and provides result reporting on lead tracking and other strategies as part of their marketing package. Plus, they negotiate lower rates for space in publications, billboards, bus shelters, radio and television air time, passing the savings on to you. For information on how Lippman Media can help you with your 2017 advertising program, visit or call 702.595.4896. Happy New Year!

Nevada Music & Memory Initiative Uses Music to Improve Lives

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The Perry Foundation is launching a new statewide program called the Nevada Music & Memory Initiative that aims to improve the quality of life for over 900 residents living in Nevada’s nursing homes.  

The program was inspired by the Sundance Film Festival award winning documentary film, Alive Inside, that explores the healing effects that personalized music can have on individuals, especially those suffering from Alzheimer’s and other dementia related diseases.

“The benefits of the connection between the brain and music have been known for years,” said Robert Kidd, President of the Perry Foundation. “The goal of the Nevada Music & Memory Initiative is to make life better for Nevada’s aging population and reduce the use of anti-psychotic medications.”

The Music & Memory program was created by Dan Cohen in New York in 2008 to bring individualized music to residents in long term care homes via iPods.  His idea was based on a personal desire to be able to enjoy his favorite music of the 1960s if he was ever placed in a nursing home. His goal was to assist residents to access music in an easy, compact, inexpensive way and so far, thousands of nursing homes in the U.S. and around the world are participating.

The Perry Foundation is partnering with Apple and Music & Memory to train nursing facility staff to create and provide personalized playlist on iPods, that enable those living with Alzheimer’s and other dementia related diseases to reconnect to the world through memories triggered by the music that has meaning to them. Using music in daily care builds lasting, caring relationships between residents and staff and results in reduced use of medications. 

“People with Alzheimer’s and dementia have been especially responsive to music from different times in their lives,” said Kidd. “You can literally see it lift their spirits. It has an immediate and positive effect.”

The Nevada Music & Memory Initiative is being funded by a grant approved by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and is managed through the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services.

To learn more about the Nevada Music & Memory Initiative and the Perry Foundation, please visit 

About the Perry Foundation

The Perry Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit in Nevada whose mission is to improve the quality of care for residents living in Nevada’s Nursing Facilities and Assisted Living Communities. This has been achieved by providing evidence-based education to the caregivers and health care professionals working within these communities, subsequently awarding thousands of Continuing Educational Units to Licensed Administrators, Licensed Nurses, and Social Workers. For more information, visit

Robert Kidd    President / CEO                      

 Perry Foundation  

1485 W. Warm Springs Rd, Suite 109 Henderson, NV  89014

(702) 550-4666                                                                                                           



Desert Radiology Donates Turkeys to City Impact Center

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Desert Radiology, Southern Nevada’s leading diagnostic practice, is pleased to announce that they donated 50 turkeys to the City Impact Center Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Drive. City Impact Center’s mission is to impact communities by providing on site access to programs, education, housing and wellness organizations that ensure citizens, young and old, can live productive, healthy and whole lives. Desert Radiology and City Impact Center have a shared goal to improve the lives and health of all people in Las Vegas including those in underserved communities.

Founded by three radiologists in 1966, Desert Radiology is proud to have grown to 65 board certified, USA trained physicians, and over 350 personnel providing technical and administrative support. They are the exclusive provider for a large cancer center, a group of multi-specialty medical centers and several other facilities throughout Nevada, as well as providing services for 15 hospitals throughout Nevada, Texas and New Mexico. Desert Radiology performs over 1.3 million procedures annually in their seven imaging facilities, including their newest Southwest location which opened in September.

Desert Radiology is delighted to celebrate their 50th anniversary this year by continuing to provide the most advanced radiological care to Southern Nevada, and contributing to deserving charities such as City Impact Center.

For more information on the services offered at Desert Radiology please contact their patient care center at 702-759-8600 or visit them on the web at

Contact: Glenda Monkarsh

WGU Launches Master’s in Nursing Informatics

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New online degree program will prepare RNs and BSNs for specialist role

Western Governors University (WGU) is now accepting applications for a new online master’s degree program aimed at preparing nurses to better analyze and interpret data in healthcare. Designed in collaboration with industry experts, the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) – Nursing Informatics program provides the advanced training graduates need for a rewarding career as specialists in the field of nursing informatics.

Offered through WGU’s College of Health Professions, the MSN – Nursing Informatics program trains graduates to prepare, gather, document, and analyze data that will serve as a foundation for data-driven decisions. Developed to support students in applying their understanding of nursing informatics to real-world situations, the MSN – Nursing Informatics program will help students rely on the use of information and communication technologies for delivering and coordinating care across multiple settings.

Students can start their MSN – Nursing Informatics program as early as February 1, 2017, and have the option of going through one of two academic tracks. The first track is for registered nurses (RNs) with an associate’s degree or diploma in nursing and a current RN license who wish to move into nursing informatics. This RN to MSN option will build on the foundation of previous nursing education at the associate or diploma levels.

The second option, BSN to MSN, is available for RNs with a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) and a current RN license who wish to move into nursing administration. The BSN portion of the degree focuses on contemporary nursing practice and the development of skills and competencies using technology-based learning. The master of science portion of the degree prepares graduates for the field of nursing informatics.

“In today’s healthcare industry, there is an increased need for nurses who understand clinical practice and how to integrate that knowledge into information systems to support the delivery of safe, efficient, and quality healthcare,” said Dr. Jan Jones-Schenk, WGU’s National Director of Nursing. “This new program will enable students to apply systems-thinking strategies to bring clinical practice and wisdom together with relevant information management technologies to improve care delivery.”

The MSN – Nursing Informatics program, like all WGU programs, is online and competency-based, which allows working professionals to apply what they already know to move more quickly through their coursework. Competency-based learning allows students to study and learn on their own schedules, completing courses as soon as they demonstrate proficiency in the subject matter. When paired with WGU’s affordable tuition of about $6,500 per year, this flexibility provides students with the opportunity to earn a recognized, accredited degree on a busy schedule and tight budget.

About WGU

Established in 1997 by 19 U.S. governors with a mission to expand access to high-quality, affordable higher education, online, nonprofit Western Governors University now serves more than 76,000 students nationwide and has more than 72,000 graduates in all 50 states. Driving innovation as the nation’s leading competency-based university, WGU has been recognized by the White House, state leaders, employers, and students as a model that works in postsecondary education. In less than 20 years, the university has become a leading influence in changing the lives of individuals and families, and preparing the workforce needed in today’s rapidly evolving economy. WGU is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, has been named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies, and was featured on NPR, NBC Nightly News, CNN, and in The New York Times. The university’s 2015 Annual Report is now available online.

Park Place Infiniti Sponsors UMC’s “You Drink, You Drive, You Lose!”

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Park Place Infiniti this month was a platinum-level sponsor of the University Medical Center (UMC) annual “You Drink, You Drive, You Lose” event, where students from Legacy, West Career and Technical Academy and Boulder City high schools, experienced up close the dangers of drinking and driving.

“At Park Place Infiniti, we are committed to educating our youth about safe and responsible driving,” said Rob Schweizer, general manager of Park Place Infiniti. “We enjoy helping young people and their parents find the car of their dreams. But we want them to be safe and responsible on the road. Every year, UMC’s event demonstrates up close the devastation drunk driving can cause. This year, we’ve had students sign a banner to pledge their commitment to never driving under the influence.”

During “You Drink, You Drive, You Lose,” local high school students heard from people who have lost a loved one as a result of a drunk driving accident. Attendees of the event, including students and members of the media, were able to witness a roll-over simulation, and go “under the influence” using special goggles to learn and feel the effects of how just a little alcohol can impair a young driver.

“I see the most horrific injuries as a result of drinking and driving.  Most of the time, I am able to save the patient’s life, though other times I have to tell the family there was nothing we could do to save their loved one’s life.  In every case, the injuries were caused by someone’s careless decision to get behind the wheel after drinking,” UMC Trauma Center Vice Chief Dr. Douglas Fraser said.  “Don’t drink and drive.  Spend time with your family this holiday season, not with us.”

Clark County leaders and Nevada dignitaries were on hand to show their support in the prevention of drunk driving.

According to the Nevada Highway Patrol, some 36 people died in 34 alcohol-related fatal crashes across Clark County from Jan. 1 to Nov. 7 this year, the latest date for which statistics were available.  Statewide, 54 people died in 50 fatal crashes involving alcohol during the same time period.

About Park Place Dealerships

Founded in 1987 by Ken Schnitzer, Park Place Dealerships represents luxury brands including Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volvo, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, McLaren, Maserati, Lotus and smart. In June 2012, Park Place purchased the Infiniti dealership in Las Vegas. In 2016, the dealership completed a multimillion-dollar renovation at 5555 W. Sahara Ave. For more information, visit,

About UMC

UMC is committed to offering the highest level of care in Nevada, providing a wide range of exclusive and specialized health care services to community members and visitors. UMC is home to Nevada’s only Level I Trauma Center, only Burn Care Center and only Center for Transplantation. Through Children’s Hospital of Nevada at UMC, the health system also provides patients with access to Nevada’s only Designated Pediatric Trauma Center. Children’s Hospital of Nevada at UMC serves as the state’s only hospital to be recognized and accepted as an associate member of the Children’s Hospital Association. Offering highly skilled physicians, nurses and staff members supported by the latest, cutting-edge technology, UMC and Children’s Hospital of Nevada continue to build upon their shared reputation for providing the highest level of care. In support of its mission to serve as the premier academic health center, UMC is the anchor partner for the new UNLV School of Medicine. For more information, please visit and

Touro University Nevada Unveils 2nd Mobile Healthcare Clinic to Serve Opportunity Village

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Engelstad Family Foundation announces $1.5 million-dollar donation.

Touro University Nevada and Opportunity Village alongside faculty, staff and students, community partners, alumni and others unveiled the university’s second mobile healthcare clinic during a press conference held Thursday, November 10. The unveiling also featured an announcement of a $1.5 million-dollar donation from the Engelstad Family Foundation to fund the staffing and operations of the clinic.

The new mobile clinic, which features exterior artwork from the talented artists at Opportunity Village, will provide clients, caretakers and employees with basic healthcare while on site at all four of the Opportunity Village campuses as well as the Opportunity Village Thrift Store. The mobile clinic will be staffed by Touro medical students, under the supervision of faculty physicians and nurse practitioners, providing an opportunity to teach the students about the medical challenges faced by patients with developmental disabilities.

“We are very excited to form this remarkable partnership with Opportunity Village through which the clients served at all of their campuses can receive healthcare from our Touro Mobile Healthcare Clinic,” said Shelley Berkley, CEO and Senior Provost. “Our goal is to provide patients with quality medical care and to give our students valuable and important one-of-a-kind medical experience working with patients with developmental disabilities.”

In 2014 Touro established its first mobile healthcare clinic through the private support of donors. The inaugural clinic provides a variety of services to Southern Nevada’s homeless population including physical examinations, immunizations and wellness checks for children, wound care and more.

This second mobile clinic was made possible by support from the Engelstad Family Foundation, MGM Resorts Foundation, the Clark County Medical Society Alliance, Findlay Automotive Group/Findlay RV, Heiser Design, and Color Reflections. Representatives from all of these partner organizations were on hand for the commemorative unveiling ceremony.

“This is truly a landmark moment for our OVIPs and their parents and guardians”, said Bob Brown, President and CEO of Opportunity Village.  “Touro and their partners have provided us with another important way to accomplish our mission of improving the lives of people with disabilities.”

The Touro Mobile Healthcare Clinic at Opportunity Village will allow providers to diagnose, treat, and write prescriptions for common illnesses, provide vaccines by appointment, treat minor wounds, abrasions and skin conditions, as well as provide a wide range of wellness services for both adults and children.

“The launch of this 2nd mobile clinic is a testament to the vision of our campus, Opportunity Village, and our donor partners to provide quality medical care to the Opportunity Village community,” said Dr. John Dougherty, dean of the Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine.  “Touro students who will serve in this clinic will become more caring and compassionate physicians as a result of the time they spend with these amazing people and this experience will undoubtedly shape these students’ futures.” 

About Touro University Nevada

Touro University Nevada (TUN) is a private, non-profit, Jewish-sponsored institution established to help address critical needs in health care and education and as a resource for community service in the state of Nevada. TUN opened its doors in 2004 and is now home to nearly 1,400 students, in a wide variety of degree programs including osteopathic medicine, physician assistant studies, education, nursing, occupational therapy and physical therapy. The university’s Henderson campus includes a multi-specialty health center and a multi-disciplinary Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities. For more information on TUN, please visit or call 702- 777-8687.

About Opportunity Village

Opportunity Village was founded in 1954 by seven families who were determined to give their children with disabilities the best lives possible. Now, more than 60 years later, Opportunity Village is one of the most recognized and respected organizations of its type in the United States.  Nevada’s largest employer of people with disabilities (who we call OVIPs), Opportunity Village serves nearly 3,000 individuals annually, providing vocational training, employment, habilitation and social recreation programs and services that make their lives more purposeful and interesting.

Touro University Nevada Receives $1.2 Million-Dollar Grant to Launch Geriatric Medicine Fellowship

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Touro University Nevada is pleased to announce it has received a $1.2 million-dollar grant from Governor Brian Sandoval’s executive budget. The grant will fund the development of a one year geriatric medicine fellowship program that will graduate four fellows per year.  The university plans to have the first fellows in place by July 2017.

Graduate Medical Education (GME) training is required to obtain medical licensure to practice medicine and numerous studies have shown that a very high percentage of doctors practice in close proximity to where they received GME training. The philosophy that “if they train here, they stay here” is a direct factor in Nevada’s current healthcare provider shortage. With the state currently producing more undergraduate medical students than available residencies, students are forced to leave and seek training elsewhere across the country.

“The establishment of this new fellowship is the latest advancement for Touro’s College of Osteopathic Medicine,” said Dr. John Dougherty, dean of the program.  “We are already a leading provider in geriatric medicine, and this fellowship will allow us to expand the care and services we provide to our community’s older adults.”

Fellows in the new geriatric medicine fellowship will train under the supervision of physicians at the university as well as its expanded Touro Health Center. Community partner institutions such as the Veterans Administration Southern Nevada Healthcare System, Nevada Senior Services, Fundamental Healthcare, Las Ventanas, and Lou Ruvo Brain Center/Cleveland Clinic will also play a role in the supervised education of the future healthcare providers.

“Touro University Nevada is pleased to receive this funding from Governor Sandoval and the Nevada Legislature to launch a fellowship,” said CEO & Senior Provost Shelley Berkley.  “We know that most physicians stay in the area where they do their residencies and fellowships. This new program will encourage our medical students to stay in Nevada and help Touro further pursue its mission of improving health care in the state.”

In March of 2014, Governor Sandoval issued EO 2014-07 establishing a GME Task Force to develop recommendations for state funding of GME in the 2015 legislative session. The Governor accepted the recommendations and included $10 million for GME in his executive budget in the 2015 session, which was approved by the Legislature. In 2015, the Governor issued EO 2015-30, reestablishing the GME Task Force and charging it with providing recommendations on how to best distribute the $10 million allocated by the Legislature towards improving GME in Nevada. The Task Force developed a Request for Proposals and solicited applications from accreditor-approved GME programs or sponsoring institutions, evaluated the proposals and made recommendations to the Governor for funding.

About Touro University Nevada

Touro University Nevada (TUN) is a private, non-profit, Jewish-sponsored institution established to help address critical needs in health care and education and as a resource for community service in the state of Nevada. TUN opened its doors in 2004 and is now home to nearly 1,400 students, in a wide variety of degree programs including osteopathic medicine, physician assistant studies, education, nursing, occupational therapy and physical therapy. The university’s Henderson campus includes a multi-specialty health center and a multi-disciplinary Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities. For more information on TUN, please visit or call 702- 777-8687.

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Nevada Medical Center and Nevada Action Coalition Band Together in the Name of Improving Healthcare

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Two nonprofit healthcare organizations are joining forces to improve access to nursing and other needed healthcare in Nevada. Nevada Medical Center and Nevada Action Coalition are proud to announce that the Nevada Medical Center was approved as the non-nursing partner of the Nevada Action Coalition.

The Nevada Action Coalition is part of a nationwide commitment – Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action – to enhance health care through best practices in the nursing industry. Increased educational opportunities, which will ultimately prepare and enable nurses to lead change to advance health care in the Silver State, are at the core of the Nevada Action Coalition.

“It is the mission of the Nevada Medical Center to improve the health of Nevadans and Nevada’s healthcare system by promoting and supporting collaboration and cooperation in the medical community and establishing performance metrics and health indicators to identify priorities and measure community success,” said Larry Matheis, executive director of Nevada Medical Center. “This partnership with the Nevada Action Coalition and the Nevada nursing community represents a major step toward accomplishing that mission.”

Through its partnership with the Nevada Medical Center, the Nevada Action Coalition seeks to address the mounting health care needs in Nevada by establishing a more diverse nursing workforce.

“The goal of the Nevada Action Coalition is to champion, through strategic collaboration, access to high quality healthcare for all Nevadans where nurses contribute as essential partners,” said Dr. Debra A. Toney, chair of the Nevada Action Coalition. “We believe that the collaboration with the Nevada Medical Center as our non-nursing partner presents us with significant opportunities to increase the effectiveness of our mission.”

For more information, please visit and

Rossi Ralenkotter Appointed Chair of National Advisory Committee on Travel and Tourism Infrastructure

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Rossi Ralenkotter, President/CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) has been named chair of the National Advisory Committee on Travel and Tourism Infrastructure (NACTTI) by Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx.

“It is an honor to serve as chair and an inaugural member of this prestigious national committee,” Ralenkotter said. “Tourism is reliant on safe and efficient transportation infrastructure, so our industry leaders are excited to have a role in providing our insight to the Department of Transportation and transportation agencies across the country. The travel industry has a tremendous impact on the economy and helps support hundreds of thousands of jobs nationwide. I look forward to working with fellow committee members and promoting the importance of the travel and tourism industry.”

In December 2015, President Obama signed the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, which provides long-term surface transportation funding. The FAST Act facilitated the creation of the NACTTI to provide information, advice, and recommendations to develop a national strategy for ensuring U.S. transportation policies align with the needs of travelers. NACTTI is comprised of 25 members appointed by U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx, to serve a two‑year term.

The development of NACTTI is critical to the advancement of the travel industry in the U.S. and worldwide. Ralenkotter will be responsible for guiding the group of industry stakeholders as they navigate issues related to the transportation, travel, and tourism industries.

“Having the voice of travel leaders at the table will enable the country to better craft its infrastructure priorities for maximum benefit to both the economy and travelers,” said U.S. Travel Association President and CEO Roger Dow. “Congratulations to Rossi and the 12 additional U.S. Travel Association members who have been appointed to the NACTTI. Our organization looks forward to continually working with government leaders to keep travelers moving.”

Ralenkotter, who was nominated for the post by the U.S. Travel Association, joins 24 other travel and tourism professionals on the inaugural committee. Additional NACTTI inaugural members include:

Vice Chair: The Honorable Mark Begich, President & CEO, Northern Compass Group, LLC
Ms. Rosemarie Andolino, President & CEO, MAG USA
Mr. Todd Davidson, Chief Executive Officer, Travel Oregon
Mr. Brad Dean, President & CEO, Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce
Mr. James Dubea, Deputy Executive Director, Canaveral Port Authority
The Honorable Buddy Dyer, Mayor, City of Orlando
Ms. Camille Ferguson, Executive Director, American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association
Mr. Sean Fitzgerald, Vice President, Enterprise Holdings, Inc.
Mr. Ford Fuchigami, Director, Hawaii Department of Transportation
Ms. Gladys Gillis, Chief Executive Officer, Transportation Demand Management, Inc.
Mr. Bryan Grimaldi, Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel, NYC & Company, Inc.
The Honorable Mitchell Landrieu, Mayor, City of New Orleans
Ms. Valarie Long, International Executive Vice President, Service Employees International Union
Mr. Joseph Lopano, Chief Executive Officer, Tampa International Airport
Mr. Jim Mathews, President & CEO, National Association of Railroad Passengers
Mr. Sean Menke, Exectutive Vice President, Sabre
Mr. Peter Pantuso, President & CEO, American Bus Association
Ms. Sharon Pinkerton, Senior Vice President, Airlines for America
Mr. John Potter, President and CEO, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
Ms. Cathy Ritter, Director, Colorado Tourism Office
Mr. Jim Sayer, Executive Director, Adventure Cycling Association
Ms. Anne Taber Klenke, Tourism Director, Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau
Ms. Diana Threadgill, President & Executive Director, Mississippi River Corridor – Tennessee
Mr. Charles Zelle, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Transportation
Ralenkotter has worked in the travel and tourism industry for more than 40 years and served as a technical advisory committee member of Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval’s Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Brand USA. Ralenkotter is a former chairman of the U.S. Travel Association and has served as a delegate to the White House Conference on Tourism and as Chair of the Travel and Tourism Advisory Board for the U.S. Department of Commerce where he remains on the board. He is also a member of several travel related organizations including the American Society of Travel Agents, Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI), the American Society of Association Executives and the Hotel Sales Marketing Association.

For additional details about upcoming initiatives, visit

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) is charged with marketing Southern Nevada as a tourism and convention destination worldwide, and also with operating the Las Vegas Convention Center and Cashman Center. With nearly 150,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas alone and more than 11 million square feet of meeting and exhibit space citywide, the LVCVA’s mission centers on attracting ever increasing numbers of leisure and business visitors to the area. Download the virtual reality app, Vegas VR, to experience Las Vegas from your iPhone or Android by visiting For more information, go to or

Centennial Hills Hospital Continues Expansion

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Opens another 36 private rooms

Centennial Hills Hospital, located in northwest Las Vegas, has added another 36 private rooms on the fourth floor dedicated to patient care. The new nursing unit features 20 rooms for either medical or surgical patients, and 16 intermediate medical care (IMC) rooms for patients who require more medical advanced care. The addition increases the hospital’s state licensed bed count to 226 beds.

The hospital is also undergoing construction on the third floor, adding another 24 rooms to be used for patients who are in an observation status, meaning physicians are awaiting test results or monitoring patients before they are either released home or admitted for additional care. Called an observation unit, it provides oversight and care for patients in a comfortable environment. It also helps decompress the Emergency department, allowing the ER staff to utilize the areas previously used by observation patients. The construction project will also add another 12 private rooms for additional needs, and should be completed by the middle of 2017.

“We’re excited to add more private rooms, which increases access to care,” said Sajit Pullarkat, CEO/Managing Director of Centennial Hills Hospital. “When we opened in January 2008, we built the hospital to accommodate future growth. We left these two floors unfinished, with plans to add more patient rooms as needed. Since our community is growing, our Emergency department is busy, and we continue to add more programs and surgical services, these rooms are a wonderful asset.”

When both projects are completed, it will increase the hospital’s total licensed bed count from 190 to 250 beds. To accommodate the added patient and visitor volume, more parking will be developed as well.

About Centennial Hills Hospital
Centennial Hills Hospital is a member of The Valley Health System, a network of five acute care hospitals that provide care for patients throughout Southern Nevada and surrounding areas. Centennial Hills Hospital is accredited by The Joint Commission, and offers a wide range of healthcare services including emergency, surgical, cardiovascular, women’s health and neonatal care.
Updated information about The Valley Health System can be found on:
Centennial Hills Hospital Medical Center
Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center
Henderson Hospital
Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center                                                                                                                                   Summerlin Hospital Medical Center                                                                                                                                       Valley Hospital Las Vegas