Aetna Hires Former Caesars Entertainment CEO Gary Loveman

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The former CEO of casino company Caesars Entertainment Corp. is joining health insurer Aetna.  The Hartford, Conn.-based company announced Wednesday that Gary Loveman would be an Aetna executive vice president and president of the company’s Healthagen health services organization. Loveman gave up his CEO title at Caesars in July but is still the company’s chairman overseeing the bankruptcy of its largest operating unit.

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UNLV Receives $3.8 Million Grant To Study Artificial Muscles

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Soft robotics might be the next big thing in medicine. With the cutting-edge technology, researchers have created a glove to return a paralyzed hand to its full function and an unobtrusive exoskeleton for patients with severe neurological diseases.  The newest innovations in the field could come from UNLV.  Thanks to a $3.8 million award from the National Science Foundation this week, a team of UNLV researchers are researching material that could have applications for soft robotics.

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St. Rose Dominican Sisters Bless Local EMR Services

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LAS VEGAS, Nev. – September 29, 2015. Dozens of emergency medical services (EMS) personnel, along with their ambulances, helicopters, and fire trucks, were blessed by Sr. Mary Kieffer, OP, this afternoon at Dignity Health-St. Rose Dominican’s San Martín Campus for the 2nd annual EMR blessing. The event coincided with the Feast of Saint Michael on Sept. 29. Saint Michael is the patron saint of all those who defend the community, including paramedics and EMTs. The event included lunch and the gift of a Saint Michael medallion for first responders. The blessing was non-denominational and open to all faiths.

“We partner every day with EMS workers to make sure our patients get the care they need at the time they most need it,” said Kieffer, vice president of mission integration at Dignity Health-St. Rose Dominican’s, San Martin Campus. “We wanted to take the day of the Feast of Saint Michael to thank our partners for their work, break bread, and bless these special people who save lives every day.”

A long tradition identifies Saint Michael the Archangel as the leader who remained faithful to God and cast out Lucifer at God’s command. His powerful aid has always been invoked by the Catholic Church in time of emergency. The Popes have constantly called on Saint Michael as the special protector of the Church whenever great evils threatened God’s people. For this reason, Saint Michael is especially honored at Rome, on Monte Gargano, near Foggia, in Italy, and in France on Mont Saint Michel in Normandy. The Feast of Saint Michael is also known as Michaelmas.

Making The Rounds With Planning Dean Barbara Atkinson

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Friends and Colleagues,

I’m often asked what it takes to build a medical school? To give you an example, I thought I would share my typical workweek. Currently it consists of five major components: (1) building our blue print for educating our students; (2) building the school from the ground up, which means evaluating and making critical decisions about our organizational structure, admissions, clinical programs, and faculty; (3) ensuring our accreditation process goes without a hitch; (4) working with consultants to determine the best practice plan and practice sites; and (5) building support for the school by sharing our vision and progress with the community. I enjoy it all but meeting the community tops the list.

Here are a few of my highlights from last week with the community (Sept. 19-25):

  • Southern Nevada Women’s History Project: I spoke at the Southern Nevada

    Women’s History Project luncheon where I met an incredible group of women. They record and write profiles of Nevada’s most notable women. They have written two books, and are now working on their third. I received a copy of their second book, “Steadfast Sisters of the Silver State,” which is beautiful.

  •  American Asian Group: My husband, Bill and I attended the American Asian Group banquet for the second year as guests of Drs. Russell and Dipti Shah. Fourteen people were honored for their contributions and service to the community. One of those honored serves on our Community Advisory Board, Rajesh Shrotriya,
    Dr. Shrotriya accepting his community achievement award

    MD, chairman and CEO of Spectrum Pharmaceuticals. Rita and Mike Vaswani did a fantastic job of organizing the event. Rita and Mike also are known for their savvy advocacy when it comes to getting candidates elected into office.

  • Faculty recruitment: Parvesh Kumar, MD, an internationally renowned radiation oncologist spent two days in Las Vegas learning about our medical school and community. We are recruiting Dr. Kumar as our department chair of radiation oncology and acting chair of oncology. Under his leadership, I know we can build stellar programs in clinical and translational research and build an outstanding cancer program. Stay tuned.
  • UNLV School of Medicine Founding Celebration: Last Monday, we celebrated the school’s founding and honored our generous scholarship donors. It was a wonderful celebrationUNLV School of Medicine Founding Celebration: Last Monday, we celebrated the school’s founding and honored our generous scholarship donors. It was a wonderful celebration.
  • Congregation P’Nai Tikvah: Rabbi Yocheved Mintz and Nevada System of Higher Education Regent Sam Lieberman invited me to discuss the medical school’s mission and program with their congregation. While there, I was able to make a connection with an old friend. The father of one of the women there had been my teacher and friend while in medical school at Thomas Jefferson University. He is a retired professor of internal medicine and endocrinologist. I can’t wait to meet and catch up with him since we both now live in Las Vegas.
  • Medical School Colleagues dinner: Once a month, I get together with my
    Doug Geinzer, Vance Farrow and Shelly Berkley

    colleagues from Roseman University College of Medicine, and Touro University Nevada to exchange ideas. Doug Geinzer, CEO of Las Vegas HEALS organizes the event. Mark Penn, MD, dean of the Roseman University College of Medicine; Shelley Berkley, CEO and senior provost of Touro University Nevada and the Western Division of Touro, which includes California; Vance Farrow, industry specialist for health care in the governor’s office of economic development; Larry Lehrner, MD, Shelley’s husband; and Doug Geinzer all had a wonderful dinner and conversation. We discussed the positive impact a bill passed last session will have for us as we recruit new faculty from out of state. The legislation allows a physician who holds a license in another state to become licensed more quickly in Nevada. We also discussed creating new graduate medical education (residency) programs for our students. The Governor’s budget provides $10 million dollars for such programs. Working together to plan and build these new residency programs is essential for ensuring young doctors from our schools stay in Nevada to practice medicine.

I am truly honored to work and live in such as a wonderful, generous and supportive community.
Best wishes,

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Blossom Bariatrics First In U.S. To Offer The ReShape Integrated Dual Ballon System

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Blossom Bariatrics is one of the first in the U.S. to offer the ReShape™ Integrated Dual Balloon System, an FDA approved, first-of-its-kind non-surgical weight loss procedure for people with mild to moderate obesity. ReShape provides a new option for adults with a BMI of 30-40 and obesity-related health conditions who haven’t succeeded at diet and exercise alone and do not want or do not qualify for bariatric surgery.

“For years a significant gap has existed in treatment options for mild to moderate obesity with limited, effective therapies available,” said Thomas Umbach, M.D., Blossom Bariatrics. “We often see clinically obese patients who are in desperate need of medical intervention to help them lose weight because diet and exercise alone have failed and surgery is not an option. ReShape provides this group of ‘in-between’ patients with access to a non-surgical, reversible option that encourages new habits and lasting results.”

During a short outpatient procedure, the ReShape Dual Balloon is inserted in the stomach; it remains in the stomach for six months and serves as built-in portion control, so the patient feels full and less hungry. It does not change or alter the natural anatomy of the stomach in any way and is easily removed in a similar outpatient procedure.

While ReShape is in the stomach, and for six months after removal, patients receive frequent in-office diet and exercise coaching sessions and access to the ReShape Patient Portal. This portal is an online resource that provides tools, information, and assistance to help patients track weight loss, diet, and exercise. The portal is also an online community where patients can interact with and support each other.

An FDA clinical study of 326 patients, conducted at eight sites in the US, concluded that patients with ReShape experienced 2.3 times more excess weight loss at six months compared to those who had the diet and exercise program alone. During clinical trials, patients lost up to 72 pounds in 12 months.

With more than 78 million adults in the U.S. recognized as obese, in June 2013, the American Medical Association officially classified obesity as a disease. Clinically defined as having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of more than 30, obesity can lead to numerous, serious health complications including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer.

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Health Experts Stress Recognizing, Treating Concussions Properly

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When Tedd Girouard became a certified athletic trainer in 1995, concussions weren’t always treated with the sophistication that they’re treated with today.  “In 1995, nothing was like what it is now,” says Girouard, director of the athletic training program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. “I’m a professor now, and I tell my students, ‘If I would deal with concussions the way they did 20 years ago, I’d be sued.’ ”

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Health Care Campus, Senior Housing Planned For Henderson

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A developer wants to build a 27-acre campus in Henderson that would include medical offices, senior apartments and an assisted living facility.  The “Gateway” project would be off Boulder Highway, just east of the Cowabunga Bay water park.  It also would be near Union Village, the huge “integrated health village” that will include a new Valley Health System hospital.

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Inside Medicine 09-25-2015

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Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske Chooses Las Vegas For Breast Cancer Treatment

SpotlightThe news that Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske has a disease that will afflict more than 230,000 women this year — and kill more than 40,000 of them — is awful. The news that she isn’t leaving the state for breast cancer treatment is uplifting.

Introducing Honoree Dr. David L. Steinberg For The 2015 Inspired Excellence In Healthcare Awards

After completing his Residency in Diagnostic Imaging at UCSF in 1985, Dr. Steinberg went on to complete an Interventional & Cardiovascular Fellowship at Alexandra Hospital in Alexandria, VA in 1986.  From 1986 to 1988, he was an Assistant Clinical Professor of Interventional Radiology at George Washington University.

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Two Las Vegas Valley Hospitals Recognized For Quality, Patient Satisfaction

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Two local hospitals — Southern Hills and MountainView — have been recognized with a 2015 HealthInsight Quality Award for their performance in quality-care measures and patient satisfaction.  HealthInsight, a nonprofit aiming to improve health care, gives the award to hospitals that have demonstrated high quality in both categories, based on Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reports and the hospitals’ patient experience scores. The award program began in September 2004.

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