Founded in 2002, Las Vegas HEALS, formerly the Southern Nevada Medical Industry Coalition, is a non-profit 600-plus volunteer organization of healthcare professionals, consumers, committed citizens, local government representatives, educators and chamber of commerce representatives committed to improving access and delivery of medical care in Southern Nevada.

Las Vegas HEALS believes the status quo is not good enough, and creates annual action plans and implements hundreds of outstanding projects, bringing higher quality and more efficient healthcare to Southern Nevada – while saving millions of healthcare dollars.

Las Vegas HEALS' Mission is focused: To foster strategic alliances in the health care community, collaborating on workforce issues and being a proactive force for legislative initiatives to improve access and the delivery of health care in Southern Nevada.

Las Vegas HEALS' Vision is clear:  To improve the quality of health care and to assist in the economic diversification of Southern Nevada.

Our Core Values:
We believe in transparenc
Transparency builds trust.  Health Care affects our entire community. As leaders, we must be trusted to be the steward.

We believe in being professional
Our staff, board, and members respect each other’s differences and viewpoints, and we are collectively accountable for our work and actions.

We believe in outcomes
Our outcomes measure our success, and we understand we can manage that which we measure.

We believe in promoting idealism.   
Idealism represents principals of safety, wholeness, and ethical correctness regarding wellness issues and initiatives.

We believe in inclusion. 
Our membership is inclusive of
all organizations involved in the delivery of quality health care. 

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